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Professional Packing Services Made Easy

Do you hate packing? Ever thought of using professional packing services? It never fails, you almost always under estimate the size of your upcoming move and you never do check out international fine art moving companies. It seems you never realize how much you actually own until you decide to pack it all up.   Lets […]

Be a Mentor

The term mentor and or mentorship have become much more popular in the last few years.  It’s almost as if the secret to get where you want to be in life faster has been released to the public and now everyone is ready to tackle and take advantage of it.  Well that can pose a […]

A Helping Hand

Typically when you are hiring a moving company, your first instinct is to kick back and enjoy the show. Sometimes when you’re hiring a moving company, you are just trying to get things from Point A to Point B. Maybe you don’t have a big enough vehicle to haul your furniture, or you cannot physically […]

Don’t Forget Furry Friends

You know this post applies to you if you are listing a cat tree, bird cage, tank, or a dog bed on your moving and storage inventory of things you’d like the crew to handle on move day! Moving can be stressful for many reasons, and we are possibly about to give you one more. […]

Almost Time to Relax

The best part of moving is when the job is done! Having everything in your new home and put away is a very satisfying experience, especially for our customers. It feels like a fresh start and can be a great reminder of a promising future. That being said, you don’t want to completely forget about […]

A Part of Something Great

I had to battle some weather to arrive on time for an operations meeting but we regard our meeting with high importance and that’s expected from everyone. Why would I miss an opportunity to learn new management strategies and to speak with my co-workers on improving our moving and storage organization? I love what I do; I […]

Any Given Move

Some Moves take much more planning than others. On these moves it becomes more than just moving. It is communicating effectively, planning and utilizing proper moving technique to move the items. There was a recent move completed by Philip and myself where all of these factors came into play.   We moved a huge vending […]

Work Ethic

If there is one thing moving requires above all else it would definitely be work ethic. If there is one quality that we look for in new student movers it is work ethic. At Strong College Students we have a culture of great work ethic amongst the staff. All Students know what it takes to […]

Jack of all Trades

Student movers, interior decorators, IT systems, mechanic, we do it all as a Strong College Student. We have a lot of student movers from a lot of different backgrounds and we try our best to put everyone in a position to display their strengths. This allows college students to make a difference in different parts […]

Preparing for Movers

  At Strong College Students, we know that moving is stressful. In fact, our student movers learn in training that moving is almost as stressful as a loss of a loved one or a divorce. To combat this stress, we want our customers to have some tips on how to make a move stress free! […]