Don’t Forget Furry Friends

You know this post applies to you if you are listing a cat tree, bird cage, tank, or a dog bed on your moving and storage inventory of things you’d like the crew to handle on move day!

Moving can be stressful for many reasons, and we are possibly about to give you one more. If your furry (or feathery or scaly) friend are the type of animal that roams throughout your house, you may want to consider finding arrangements for them on the day of your move. The college student movers will need to be able to move freely throughout your home. Often this means the door will be left open for more than the microsecond they need to run out, while your moving crew moves the furniture and boxes out of your home and loaded into one of our shiny 26 foot moving trucks. Cats and dogs may be tempted to run out the door while this is happening, and nobody wants to lose Rover or Cleopatra right before they are about to settle into a new home.

Even if your pet is relatively obedient and not a flight risk, having a moving crew in your home with all of their moving equipment can be overwhelming for animals. It can quickly become a stressful environment for them and they may not behave as the normally do. Have a heart for your best friend and see if a family member, friend, or local service can keep an eye on him or her elsewhere for a few hours. This will make for a much happier pet and a smoother move for all family members involved!

And if Rover or Cleopatra is microchipped, don’t forget to update that address after the move to your new home!