Jack of all Trades

Student movers, interior decorators, IT systems, mechanic, we do it all as a Strong College Student. We have a lot of student movers from a lot of different backgrounds and we try our best to put everyone in a position to display their strengths. This allows college students to make a difference in different parts of Strong College Students when they are not on a home or office move. We have had students restructure the warehouse using handyman skills, to developing relationships with local charities for us to donate extra furniture we come across, to developing a new computerized system for keeping time sheets.
We know that each individual has certain unique skills and we do our best to give them a platform to display those skills. Doing this allows not only our staff to feel empowered at work but lets our organization benefit directly from the unique skills each individual student mover possesses aside from being a Strong College Student. We are all studying something besides home and office moving and are all going to to be a professional at something, so why not get a little real life experience at it while you’re working your way through school! We look for the best and we look to become the best, one move at a time!