A Part of Something Great

I had to battle some weather to arrive on time for an operations meeting but we regard our meeting with high importance and that’s expected from everyone. Why would I miss an opportunity to learn new management strategies and to speak with my co-workers on improving our moving and storage organization? I love what I do; I wouldn’t even call this a job because I enjoy moving and managing movers so much. When I’m out in the field helping others I think of it as form of giving back and serving the community. There’s no better feeling than seeing a giant smile on a satisfied clients face. That’s how I judge whether or not it’s a job well done, the size of the smile. There have been many times where a client told me that the Strong College Student movers always seem to be so polite, friendly, and professional during their home or office move. Just for them to say that along with it being the best moving experience they’ve ever had is enough satisfaction for me! That’s just one of the many benefits I have here with this great team of strong college student movers!


Every day we all grow physically and mentally at Strong College Students. We push each other and collectively strive for greatness as college students as well as Strong College Students. I learn new leadership skills daily through experience and through our leadership team here. I have a plethora of motivating individuals around me who are positive and willing to lend a helping hand at any moment. What more can I ask for in a job? I’m very happy in this environment and grateful for the fantastic people in it. Its more then just a job here at Strong College Students, its a community and a way of college life.  I am part of something bigger then moving or college, I am part of a great organization working toward a great goal, graduating college students to a bright and prosperous future!



  • Contributing Author- Strong Captain, Philip Ramos