Work Ethic

If there is one thing moving requires above all else it would definitely be work ethic. If there is one quality that we look for in new student movers it is work ethic. At Strong College Students we have a culture of great work ethic amongst the staff. All Students know what it takes to complete a move and will accept nothing less from their peers. Work ethic can be the most valuable quality yet the most difficult to teach. We pride ourselves on finding the highest quality student movers of work ethic, intelligence and they also just happen to have great personalities!


We put our students with like minded individuals, train then on moving technique and the moves almost take care of themselves! It is truly a privilege to be able to lead such a hard working crew of student movers. They come in excited to work hard everyday and never forget their goal of graduating and becoming a successful professional. I have personally learned how valuable a hard working college student can be and how they can at times be hard to find. Being a student mover can be a tough job. We never let our student movers forget that the student comes first, and make sure we are always able to do whatever is needed for our staff when something pops up.
We teach work ethic and leadership internally as well as looking for it in our newcomers. This comes from setting an example in upper management to show even the newest student mover that no one is afraid of getting there hands dirty on a home or office move! We breed a culture of hard work because we believe that will lead our college student workforce to success now and for the rest of their life. Our belief is, work hard and success will follow. We ingrain that amongst our workforce and work to deliver only the highest of quality service to all of our customers one move at a time.