Movers in St. Petersburg List Best Jobs for Working College Students

College is expensive, and in today’s society, most students have to work while attending school.  Movers in St. Petersburg

Choosing the wrong job to work while in college can sometimes have serious consequences. It can result in lack of focus, a change in priorities, and in some cases, failure to keep up with the workload of college courses.  

We are a company of movers in St. Petersburg, who actively hires college students.

Strong College Students understands that the right job for a college student can make a huge difference in their current situation and their future.  

Here are some of the best companies to work for while attending school.

Our Movers in St. Petersburg Share Best Companies to Work for in College



Starbucks is an amazing company with a lot to offer college students.  If constant access to caffeine for those late-night study sessions isn’t enough to sway the average student, perhaps the part-time employee benefits will.

Starbucks is well known for providing bonuses, dental, and medical coverage, even for part-time employees (depending on the hours they work).  It also provides room for advancement, and employees can make a competitive wage even after college.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another great pick for college students.  Being up to date on the latest technology is a plus for any student, and best buy has a number of part-time jobs.  

The only downside is that retail tends to be demanding, so finding out beforehand if your local store is going to be alright with the time off you’ll need for exams and flexible hours is a must.

American Express

American Express offers great customer service positions that pay a competitive rate, and offer a gateway for college students.  

As a company with unlimited opportunities, American Express is the perfect place to get your foot in the door during college, if you can find the right position that works for your schedule.

Strong College Students

Strong College Students also makes the list of the best companies for the working college student. Strong College Students is a great place for college students to work. 

Not only do we offer part time positions, but we fully understand and appreciate the importance of education- in fact, it was a college student who started the company. The company also focusses on refining student resources—like cfa level 1 study material—so they can excel in entrance and competitive exams. 

We offer flexible hours, and a supportive environment for college students.  Our movers in St. Petersburg and several other locations enjoy a healthy working environment with various levels of opportunity and a built in support system.  

In addition, our unique training is a direct route to success, and we offer unlimited opportunities for employees after college, including franchise ownership.

Tampa Moving Company Reviews Offer 5 Tips for Balancing Work & School

Tampa moving company reviews

Our company was founded by college students, and in our company education comes first.  We get rave Tampa moving company reviews, as well as reviews in our many other locations, for our employment and policies because of our dedication to the future of our staff.

At Strong College Students, we are dedicated to employing college students and providing them with the tools and training they need to succeed.    

We understand that many college students in today’s society need to work, and that balancing work life and school can be a challenge.   

Our Tampa Moving Company Reviews Revealed Some Helpful Tips

Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years that will help you balance your school and work life.

Tip #1:  Don’t be afraid to manage your time

Create a full schedule for yourself.  Include your study time, work schedule, and classes.  Don’t forget to schedule in some social time.  While you can make one or two changes on occasion, try to stick with your schedule and not compromise.  Make sure your classes are scheduled, then work, and use the remaining time to fill in with study sessions and free time.

Tip #2:  Know what company you work for

Before you apply for a company, know where you’re looking to work.  If you’re in Tampa and you want to work for a moving company, look up Tampa moving company reviews.  You may find that you are able to find employee and customer reviews that will give you an idea of the ethics of your target place of employment.  

Use the web, phone calls, and references to learn about their employment record.  It is essential that your company is sensitive to your schedule and values your education as much as you do.

Tip #3:  When possible, seek longevity

If at all possible, seek employment that will provide you with tools to make yourself a better future.  At Strong College Students, we value training and make sure that our employees have the best education in the workplace that we can offer.  We also offer advancement and franchise opportunities which we educate our employees of so that they have the option after graduation to make a career for themselves.

Tip #4:  Focus on the task at hand

This seems simple, but when you are doing homework and work calls, or you’re at work and you remember a test the next day, it can be tough to ignore the outside influence.  Make it a point to start focusing on the task at hand, and explain to your employer that you may occasionally be unreachable during off duty hours.

Tip #5:  Create a support system

Whether it is your family, study group, or friends, a support system with the same goals as you is a must at any point in your life when you are working on a goal.  One great aspect of working for Strong College Students is that you have a built in network of co-workers who are going through a similar experience to yours.

Be a Mentor

The term mentor and or mentorship have become much more popular in the last few years.  It’s almost as if the secret to get where you want to be in life faster has been released to the public and now everyone is ready to tackle and take advantage of it.  Well that can pose a few challenges for a burgeoning mentee.  First the challenge of finding a mentor, secondly the pressure to find the best possible mentor, and what do you do if someone you want to mentor you isn’t available?  Look you haven’t even started your mentorship endeavors and all these challenges are all ready popping up.  Well relax it doesn’t need to be overwhelming or stressful and to help in the next few paragraphs I’m going to guide you into the world of mentorship as well as provide valuable insight into how you can find success as well as a lifelong champion in your corner!


Finding a mentor is much easier then you think especially when you change your perspective on mentorship.  The definition of a mentor as per (diction input) .  However you can make your own definition for mentorship as well remember it’s your experience and you can have a strong influence on how that experience goes.  By creating your own definition you can set the standards for what a mentor is for you.  I suggest to break your mentors into a few categories:


Dream Mentor- this is someone who you really are inspired by and who motivates and or maybe amazes you.  They typically would be someone who has significant social, political, or cultural status.  An example would be President Obama.


  • To have a Dream mentor you just need to find a connective way to gain insight, knowledge, and understand what it is this person has to offer.  This can be done with ease and on your own time.  How is that you may ask?  Well these individuals typically have written books, had articles or books written about them, or they are a figure who has an element of celebrity.  You can become their mentee by simply picking and reading their book, following them on social media, watching documentaries or interviews about them.  They are providing personal information and personal insight within those mediums of communication and it’s up to you to digest it and utilize that to improve your life and benefit your future.
  • A personal example for me is President Obama, no I don’t have a desire to become president but I do find his story and path to the  highest office in United States inspiring.  I consider President Obama my mentor and I’ve applied the lessons he’s taught me. In one of his books he stated a message that spoke directly to me, that I was able to apply in my life to see opportunity. “The fierce urgency of now” let me understand his thinking and his application to those words, I realized that at times you must take immediate action even if those around you or even your mentors express conviction to concern about taking immediate action.  There maybe a unseen opportunity that will only present itself in the now and your ability to realize that and take advantage of it may get you closer to your dreams and ambitions.


Professional Mentor-  This is a person that has reached a certain professional level that you find intriguing.  They don’t have to be in the same area of study you’re completing, nor do they need to be in the career field that interest you.  They simply need to have a level of expertise and or a professional designation you see value in.


  • An example would be  well me Shaun C. Robinson CEO of Strong College Students Franchising!  Now that sounds vain however think about this you may be interested in field of human resource management.  I’m not in that field however I have hired, trained, and developed thousands of students which gives me an area of expertise.  My knowledge and perspective would be juxtaposed to someone who specifically works in that field or even an analogous field which an perspective and value for you.


Personal Mentor- this can be any of the above as well as someone you have close access to.  A mentor that you can establish a relationship with locally and meet with them on a consistent basis.  This person typically will have a career, lifestyle, or philosophy, or accomplished some goals that you admire or attain to acquire.  This person could be younger than you, older, a similar age the most important factor is that you have the ability to reach them directly and develop a personal relationship.  It’s possible to develop this relationship with a dream mentor or a professional mentor as well.  If you have direct access and can reach out to connect with them GO FOR IT!


  • Use any means necessary to connect with them.  Email, phone, social media, other friends or relatives.  Once you attempt to contact them stay consistent.  Express who you are and what your objective is.  Many professionals will be open and willing to help a eager and motivated young person.
  • Example- I know you’re time is valuable and you make great investment in your time hence your success. I would like to first introduce myself and let you know an investment in reading the rest of my email will benefit you greatly!  Now that’s a bold statement however I believe your investment in my personal development could be the catalyst for my launch to success.  If you could spare a few more minutes of your time to confer with me I’d greatly appreciate your generoisty.  I’m positive the impact you could make in my life would leave you feeling like you accomplished something great and leave me with continued motivation and passion for achieving more.

(continue your email with your flexibility to chat and leave all your contact information)



A few tips to help you:


  1. Don’t be afraid to say The President of the United States is your mentor and that he gives you advice on a regular basis.
  2. A mentor doesn’t need to be in your career field, just someone who has attained a level of success you admire.
  3. Mentors can guide you in more that a career, you can have lifestyle mentors, philosophical mentors, or whatever inspires and motivates you to become better and improve.  I love to travel the world and I have travel mentors!
  4. BE BOLD and don’t be afraid of hearing nothing or even an unfortunate NO.
  5. KEEP TRYING- successful people admire perseverance.  Overcome the perseverance and keeping trying to connect with those you desire to mentor you.


Last point: BE A MENTOR- you have skills, expertise, life experience, and knowledge.   Pass it on to others and be willing to guide and mentor youth, peers, and family to help them become or achieve more.  If you’re interested in mentorship you already have a desire to lead and improve the lives of those you impact.  Start creating that impact today!

A Helping Hand

Typically when you are hiring a moving company, your first instinct is to kick back and enjoy the show. Sometimes when you’re hiring a moving company, you are just trying to get things from Point A to Point B. Maybe you don’t have a big enough vehicle to haul your furniture, or you cannot physically move the furniture on your own. We understand this, and at Strong College Students we are here to help you no matter what your situation! We are just glad to be able to be a part of your moving experience. But if you belong in the latter category, this post is for you!

There are several things you can do before your student moving crew arrives to assist with expediting the moving process. Make sure that the floors are cleared of smaller items and any loose items so that your movers already have clear and unobstructed pathways. They may not mind picking up your dog toys or yoga mats off the floor, but it will save you both time if that is taken care of prior to their arrival.

You will also want to make sure that your electronics are unplugged beforehand. Again, the crew may be happy to sort through your tangled mess of plugs behind the television stand, but your move will go faster if you have done that yourself.

Next you can make sure that your wall hangings are off the wall of your home or office. If you want the students to move those items in the truck rather than hauling them in your car, having everything consolidated in a couple of corners of the house is a great strategy. Otherwise the moving crew will have to spend time reaching for your paintings and removing them with care. It is much easier if everything is ready to be picked up. You can also help your moving crew by making a decision on whether or not you would like these art pieces to be protected. We do provide home and office packing as well as moving, so if there’s anything fragile that you may want professionally packed we can even pack just individual items for you. One of the best ways they can protect art or mirrors is by placing them in a mirror box. If you would like to use a mirror box, it’s also a good idea to try to speak with a service representative prior to your move day so that you can request this packing material.

The above actions may seem small and not very time consuming, but every moment counts when you are trying to pack up your entire household! Consider taking small steps like these before your crew arrives on move day if you are looking for a fast move. You will both be thankful later.

Don’t Forget Furry Friends

You know this post applies to you if you are listing a cat tree, bird cage, tank, or a dog bed on your moving and storage inventory of things you’d like the crew to handle on move day!

Moving can be stressful for many reasons, and we are possibly about to give you one more. If your furry (or feathery or scaly) friend are the type of animal that roams throughout your house, you may want to consider finding arrangements for them on the day of your move. The college student movers will need to be able to move freely throughout your home. Often this means the door will be left open for more than the microsecond they need to run out, while your moving crew moves the furniture and boxes out of your home and loaded into one of our shiny 26 foot moving trucks. Cats and dogs may be tempted to run out the door while this is happening, and nobody wants to lose Rover or Cleopatra right before they are about to settle into a new home.

Even if your pet is relatively obedient and not a flight risk, having a moving crew in your home with all of their moving equipment can be overwhelming for animals. It can quickly become a stressful environment for them and they may not behave as the normally do. Have a heart for your best friend and see if a family member, friend, or local service can keep an eye on him or her elsewhere for a few hours. This will make for a much happier pet and a smoother move for all family members involved!

And if Rover or Cleopatra is microchipped, don’t forget to update that address after the move to your new home!

Almost Time to Relax

The best part of moving is when the job is done! Having everything in your new home and put away is a very satisfying experience, especially for our customers. It feels like a fresh start and can be a great reminder of a promising future.

That being said, you don’t want to completely forget about your past! Even after the last dish has been put in the kitchen cupboard and the last shirt has been hung in the closet, there are some tasks to complete that may not be at the top of your priority list. One of them is to compare dual fuel energy tariffs in the area of your new house, but the biggest one after a home move is to change your address!

First you will want to change your address for the services that you receive, if you are moving locally. Switch your cable, internet, sewer, trash, water, and electricity services over to your new home if you can still use the same company. If you cannot use the same company in your new area, make sure you cancel your old services, and read the fine print for any cancellation fees. Sometimes moving can expose loop holes in contracts and possibly even get you out of a bad cable contract!

Next you will want to update your address for the accounts that you have. This probably includes your banking accounts first and foremost. Even if you are going green and receiving paperless statements, you will still want to update your address. One reason is so that if you ever need to key in a zip code while checking out at the store, you do not have to try to recall all of the zip codes you have resided in before.

In general, you will also want to change your address on your registration card if you are registered to vote. It would be a shame to be unable to exercise your rights on voting day just because you are too far away from your designated voting location! You can always get an absentee ballot if you remember to request one, but having an updated address is good in the event that you ever need to provide proof of residency.

Last but not least, make sure you update your address on your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance policies. Maybe you are moving to a safer area and your auto insurance premiums will drop! Even if that isn’t the case, you want to update that information because most auto insurance policies will go so far as cancelling your policy if they ever find out you are garaging your vehicle in a different location than what is listed on your policy. As far as changing the address on your driver’s license and vehicle registration is concerned, check your state for their requirements. Florida requires you to update your address within thirty days of moving. It would be a shame to get a ticket for not having that information up to date when an officer was going to otherwise let you off with a warning in a minor traffic stop!

Our college student movers are always there to help if you have any questions after your move is completed. After the heavy lifting is done by Strong College Students and a few easy phone calls are made its time to finally sit back and relax! We want to make your move as simple as possible, we deal with this day in and day out so if you are unsure of anything ask a college student mover during your move or feel free to contact our Strong College Student Moving call center and we will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have about this!


  • Contributing Author- Kari Piatt

A Part of Something Great

I had to battle some weather to arrive on time for an operations meeting but we regard our meeting with high importance and that’s expected from everyone. Why would I miss an opportunity to learn new management strategies and to speak with my co-workers on improving our moving and storage organization? I love what I do; I wouldn’t even call this a job because I enjoy moving and managing movers so much. When I’m out in the field helping others I think of it as form of giving back and serving the community. There’s no better feeling than seeing a giant smile on a satisfied clients face. That’s how I judge whether or not it’s a job well done, the size of the smile. There have been many times where a client told me that the Strong College Student movers always seem to be so polite, friendly, and professional during their home or office move. Just for them to say that along with it being the best moving experience they’ve ever had is enough satisfaction for me! That’s just one of the many benefits I have here with this great team of strong college student movers!


Every day we all grow physically and mentally at Strong College Students. We push each other and collectively strive for greatness as college students as well as Strong College Students. I learn new leadership skills daily through experience and through our leadership team here. I have a plethora of motivating individuals around me who are positive and willing to lend a helping hand at any moment. What more can I ask for in a job? I’m very happy in this environment and grateful for the fantastic people in it. Its more then just a job here at Strong College Students, its a community and a way of college life.  I am part of something bigger then moving or college, I am part of a great organization working toward a great goal, graduating college students to a bright and prosperous future!



  • Contributing Author- Strong Captain, Philip Ramos

Any Given Move

Some Moves take much more planning than others. On these moves it becomes more than just moving. It is communicating effectively, planning and utilizing proper moving technique to move the items. There was a recent move completed by Philip and myself where all of these factors came into play.


We moved a huge vending machine out of storage which took much planning and prepping to safely execute this move. First we had to take the time and properly inspect all items and surroundings. This aided us greatly in deciding not only how we would move this machine, but also where we should expect any difficulties depending on the surroundings. Next is to come up with a set plan of action in order to make things run as smooth as possible. Our plan for this move was to initially start by wrapping and protecting the entire machine then start maneuvering it little by little towards the destination. We custom wrap all items which is included in all of our full service home and office moves. These steps prior to actually moving the item allowed the whole moving process to flow smoothly. On top of all of that though you can never forget to communicate with the other college student movers on your crew.


Communicating with your partner on a move as much as possible is very important during a job like this. Even if it’s just to agree that you would both lift an item using the same technique, it’s much safer and it makes all the difference in the world. Communication, I would have to say, is the most important trait I have boosted since working here at strong college students. No matter if you’re working with someone just out of mover training or a good friend and staff member for years you always have to communicate. There can be a lot going on during a move but remembering and staying on top of communication with your partner for the day is always a top priority.





  • Contributing Author- Strong Captain, Luis Sanabria

Work Ethic

If there is one thing moving requires above all else it would definitely be work ethic. If there is one quality that we look for in new student movers it is work ethic. At Strong College Students we have a culture of great work ethic amongst the staff. All Students know what it takes to complete a move and will accept nothing less from their peers. Work ethic can be the most valuable quality yet the most difficult to teach. We pride ourselves on finding the highest quality student movers of work ethic, intelligence and they also just happen to have great personalities!


We put our students with like minded individuals, train then on moving technique and the moves almost take care of themselves! It is truly a privilege to be able to lead such a hard working crew of student movers. They come in excited to work hard everyday and never forget their goal of graduating and becoming a successful professional. I have personally learned how valuable a hard working college student can be and how they can at times be hard to find. Being a student mover can be a tough job. We never let our student movers forget that the student comes first, and make sure we are always able to do whatever is needed for our staff when something pops up.
We teach work ethic and leadership internally as well as looking for it in our newcomers. This comes from setting an example in upper management to show even the newest student mover that no one is afraid of getting there hands dirty on a home or office move! We breed a culture of hard work because we believe that will lead our college student workforce to success now and for the rest of their life. Our belief is, work hard and success will follow. We ingrain that amongst our workforce and work to deliver only the highest of quality service to all of our customers one move at a time.

Jack of all Trades

Student movers, interior decorators, IT systems, mechanic, we do it all as a Strong College Student. We have a lot of student movers from a lot of different backgrounds and we try our best to put everyone in a position to display their strengths. This allows college students to make a difference in different parts of Strong College Students when they are not on a home or office move. We have had students restructure the warehouse using handyman skills, to developing relationships with local charities for us to donate extra furniture we come across, to developing a new computerized system for keeping time sheets.
We know that each individual has certain unique skills and we do our best to give them a platform to display those skills. Doing this allows not only our staff to feel empowered at work but lets our organization benefit directly from the unique skills each individual student mover possesses aside from being a Strong College Student. We are all studying something besides home and office moving and are all going to to be a professional at something, so why not get a little real life experience at it while you’re working your way through school! We look for the best and we look to become the best, one move at a time!