Student Movers List Top Reasons to Move to Lubbock TX

 Student Movers

Here are the Top 7 Reasons Our Student Movers Give to Move to Lubbock, TX.

  1.    The city is growing

Lubbock has a lot to offer, and it’s only getting bigger.  While it’s not a huge city, you can still enjoy a city environment.  In fact, Lubbock population is on a consistent rise, and developers and businesses are coming to the area to make their mark more and more frequently.

  1.    Lubbock is the place for entrepreneurs and professionals

If you’re looking to start a small business, or you just love supporting them, Lubbock is the place for you.  It’s been rated one of the top towns for small business.  Lubbock also has a great job market, and a low unemployment rate.  Whether you work for yourself, or are looking to launch a career, Lubbock is the job market for you.
As your professional student movers, Strong College Students know the top locations in the country to live. All of the employees have attended college prep. If you’re looking for a new location to plant your roots, Lubbock, TX has a lot to offer.


    Kickback to 1950

Almost every mention of Lubbock is accompanied by a mention of drive in theater.  Lubbock has one of the best around, The Stars and Stripes Drive In theater.  This is a popular hangout for all ages, and even has its own 50’s café.


    Small town meets urban

While Lubbock is a city, and offers all that the city has to offer, residents claim that it still feels like a small town.  There is a strong sense of community, the people are friendly, and there are more than a few local hot spots that residents regularly frequent.

  1.    Get to work quickly

Lubbock, despite being a populated area, has an average commute of sixteen minutes.  That is way less than the national average of one hour!

  1.    College

Lubbock is a college town, and has a lot to offer in the area of education.  Home to two large universities, a smaller university, and a number of colleges, Lubbock is a great place to learn.  The educational establishments are also a great source of employment for the area.

  1.    Cost of Living

If you want to live it up, Lubbock is the place to do it.  With a cost of living that is over 15% lower than the national average, the area offers a great deal for a low cost.  In fact, the median cost of a home is little over $100,000.00

If you’re looking for a great place to live, Lubbock should be at the top of your list.  When you’re ready to move, call Strong College Students and allow our home movers to move you safely and efficiently to your new home.