Our Moving Companies in Orlando Fl Suggest Good Public Workspaces

Business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes need to get away from the office to work.  Moving Companies Orlando FL

Whether you need to be removed from your staff for a moment, or you have a business meeting to conduct, knowing where to go when you want to work away from the office is essential.  

As business owners of moving companies in Orlando FL, we often have the need to get away and conduct some business. And when we do we have our favorite spots to get things done.  

Our Moving Companies in Orlando FL Say These Spots are Hot


Catalyst is one of the most popular public work spaces in Orlando.  Catalyst is a unique model of community office space.  Although there is a charge for using the space, they offer flexible month-to-month options on co-working spaces. 

Everything you need to get your work accomplished, and resources to help grow your business.  It’s also a very well-attended work space, meaning that you have the opportunity to mingle, collaborate, and network with other professionals.


CoLab offers a similar concept to Catalyst, but is in a more relaxed environment.  It offers less pricing/membership options than Catalyst, but is also less expensive.  With a modern office workspace environment, CoLab is set up in lounges and work tables, also offering private office space when needed.

Downtown Credo

Downtown Credo is a non-profit coffee shop that focuses on creating networks of people to make a difference.  They are involved in projects such as trash clean ups, vegetable gardening, and playground refurbishing.  

It’s a great model, and a very popular place for young professionals to meet as the garden benches there are almost always full. Not only are you in a feeling of good environment, but your patronage makes a big difference.

Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen

Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen is another hot spot for working outside the office.  With coffee, Wifi, and a great breakfast and lunch menu, you don’t need much more for a great work environment.

If you’re looking to meet with a group, there are a few great places in Orlando to conduct your business.  Whether you’re having a team meeting, or hosting some visitors from corporate on their visit to town, these locations offer private meeting rooms with full service.

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse has been a long time staple for professionals in New York, and has now opened up an Orlando location.  

The restaurant and bar are excellent for networking opportunities, and private meeting rooms offer privacy for business meetings.  The Orlando locations has a room for 10 and one for 60, so they can host your meeting, big or small.

Dragonfly Modern Izakaya &Sushi

Dragonfly Modern Izakaya &Sushi is perfect for a trendier approach to your meeting.  They offer a private dining room for up to 32 people, which is perfect for an annual meeting.

Whatever your profession, Orlando is the perfect place to conduct your business, whether you prefer to be inside or outside of your main location.  If you are looking for an office, contact one of your local moving companies Orlando FL by calling Strong College Students.  


Why Franchises Are a Great Business Model

Owning a franchise allows you the freedom of your own business, combined with the support of a successful business model.  St. Petersburg Moving Companies

Franchises are a great business model. Strong College Students offers this model for potential franchise owners.  

As one of the top St Petersburg moving companies, we are happy to offer this amazing opportunity nationwide.

Our St Petersburg Moving Companies Reap the Benefits

One great way that franchises are beneficial to the owner is the opportunities to expand the business.  The initial buy in to a franchise normally includes a number of advertising and expansion opportunities.  

There is no need to create new logos, taglines, or invest separately in marketing materials.  The strategy for promoting the business has already been tried and tested, and is designed for success.  

All of the tools necessary to promote your business are given to you. You will also get the advice and experience of others who have promoted your business successfully in the past.

Promotion is also made simpler by the immediate brand recognition you get when buying into a franchise.  Experts say that it takes an average of 2-5 years to build a business, and most of this time is spent getting your name out and having people become familiar with your brand.  

With a franchise, you can cut down your time getting recognition because you are already using a name that is nationally recognized. You will realize when you buy a franchise your business has already been promoted for years before you even got there- all that’s left to do is let the public know where you are!

A Wise Investment

Investing in a franchise is a more cost-effective model than starting the same type of business from scratch.  You are buying into a bulk of materials to build your business, from a dedicated group that does this on a regular basis.  

This entitles you to deep discounts that the company is passing on to you to help build your business, and is the reason that franchise start-up costs are so affordable.  Even St. Petersburg moving companies have a reasonable buy in with Strong College Students franchises.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and think you are the type of person that can use a tried and true business model to lead you to success, buying a franchise might be the option for you.  

As a brand with an excellent reputation and incredibly efficient business model, Strong College Students is happy to provide franchise opportunities to people looking to start a thriving business.

Corporate Training for Our Professional Movers St Petersburg FL

Movers St. Petersburg FLAt Strong College Students, we believe in the power of excellent training.  As a successful company of movers in St. Petersburg, FL, we are proud to be a member of the same community as St. Petersburg College.  St. Petersburg College is well known for its excellent corporate training program.

Corporate Training for Our Movers in St. Petersburg FL

The staff at the corporate training headquarters constantly monitor the workforce and look for trends, changes, and progressions.  Using their knowledge of the workforce, and professional teachers, the corporate training program teaches those in the job market to succeed.  

They provide enrolled businesses with personalized training that is customized for their business.  The program is used to increase performance, teach basic skills, or train in specialized skills.

The program offers a variety of certifications. People seeking a job are able to equip themselves, and companies looking to require specific certifications can send their employees there to receive them.  

With a wide network of certified professionals, business owners in the community, trade workers, and teachers, the corporate training center is able to draw from a large pool of resources.  This allows them to offer training in nearly every aspect of the job market, from manufacturing to computer skills.

Go Global

Their relationship with the Global Corporate College also helps them to offer more.  The Global Corporate College offers the largest human capital development network in the world.  They are able to access curriculum, subject matter, and experts that other programs don’t have access to.

The Corporate College at St. Petersburg even offers off-site services.  You can have someone from the corporate program come into your organization and evaluate the daily operation.  

They will assess any skill gaps and see where performance could be improved with training or skill development.  They can then offer the training and certifications necessary to improve your employee’s skill set and make your business run more efficiently.

St. Petersburg Offers Opportunity

St. Petersburg has been named as having one of the top job markets in Florida.  Because of the Corporate College, businesses have a unique opportunity to offer excellent training, which is one of the main reasons our job market is so strong.  

St. Petersburg businesses put a large concentration on training, and as a company of movers in St. Petersburg, Strong College Students is no exception.  

We provide an extensive training program for our employees which is meant to gear them for success in any field.  We also offer many levels of employment so that they can apply that training to move up in the company, or even own their own franchise.

As a company that values excellent training, we at Strong College Students admire the excellent work of the St. Petersburg Corporate College, and are happy to be a member of the same community.

Finding New Office Space by Moving Companies in St Petersburg FL

Strong College Students is one of the leading moving companies in St. Petersburg FL. Moving Companies St Petersburg FL

We help plenty of people move into their new offices, and we frequently hear how long it took people to find the right one.   

If you’re looking to relocate your office, read these tips for finding a new office from professional moving companies St. Petersburg, FL.

Moving Companies in St Petersburg FL Help Find New Office Space

First, research the best location for your business.  If possible, look for an area where people you are looking to market to frequent.  

For example, if your target market is young professionals, look where there is a walking area close to office buildings.  

If you’re looking to appeal to families, you might try a block that offers family oriented businesses, possibly near a park.  
However, not everyone has the luxury of finding office space near their target market, so try to keep the basic needs in mind.  

Stick With the Basics

First, you want somewhere that your customers are able to get to.  Somewhere that is easy to find, with parking nearby if possible.  

Then, think about the convenience for your employees.  Is the new office near your old one, or near enough to most of your employees for them to easily access it?  

Can they park for free, or will they need to pay for parking?  These are all considerations when seeking your office location.
After you’ve come up with a few locations that work for you, keep an eye on available offices in those locations.

Next, you want to look at your price vs. convenience comparison.  In any location, longevity is your goal.  If you move around too much, employees will become frustrated, and customers will be confused.  

Even if your business does not require your customers to physically visit your business on a regular basis, constant moving can make you look unstable.  

Therefore, finding a location that combines economic position with convenience is essential.

The goal is to find something that you can afford, that also offers the basic essentials.  Learn where to compromise, and where not to.  

You may find an apartment with a large parking lot, or its own restrooms. However, with a design that looks outdated or in-congruent with your business.  

Find out if you are allowed to repaint and redesign, rather than take an office that you can’t afford.

Finally, make sure there is room for your company to grow.  You want at least a little movable space so that you can make room for expansion if necessary.  

You never know how fast you will grow, and it’s possible that your brand new office will inspire you to greatness and rapid growth!  You don’t want to outgrow your location too fast.

When you look for new office space, you’ll have a lot to consider.  Waiting to find an office that works for you will pay off for you and your business for years to come.  

When you’re ready to make that move, contact Strong College Students, for a professional movers near you.

Our Professional Movers in Tampa FL Say This is the Place To Be

There are certain cities that pave the way for young, business-minded individuals and become a destination for young professionals.  Professional Movers Tampa FL

We are professional movers in Tampa FL  and as such we’ve seen the amazing opportunities the city has to offer.

Tampa, FL makes all of the lists for top places to live for young professionals, and there are some great reasons why.

Why Do Our Professional Movers in Tampa FL Love it Here?

The job market in Tampa is excellent, and most companies are specifically seeking young professionals.  

For someone just out of college, or with a bit of experience after college, Tampa has become the entry level destination for many different careers.  

With a strong tech development industry, art scene, and privately owned businesses with unlimited opportunities, Tampa has developed a reputation for being the place to launch a career.

Young Professionals Welcome!

Not only do the companies in Tampa want to attract young professionals, but the actual area does, too!  

Several organizations and the city of Tampa began a campaign a while ago to attract a younger generation to the area- and it worked.  

Now, Tampa is a great place for millennials, with a lively nightlife, excellent restaurants, and tons of entertainment.  

The city is walkable and convenient to get around, and residents love the cities diversity, from the population to the area itself.  

You can live in the hub of the city and still be a short distance from the local parks and hiking trails.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there is also ample opportunity for you in Tampa.  In fact, Tampa has been named one of the top places to start a business by more than one publication. 

Its wide variety of local population and tourists make it a great place to gain exposure and find your market.  Tampa is a city that is intensely supportive of privately owned businesses. There is no shortage of places to go for funding to get started.  

Small business loans are everywhere in Tampa. And the average person can expect to be accepted by a good number of financial backing providers.

Live the High Life With Tampa’s Low Cost to Live

Tampa also offers a cost of living that allows new business owners to keep their expenses low- if they’re careful.

There’s a tempting amount of things to do in Tampa, but a focused individual can expect to be comfortable on a budget while building their business.

As professional movers in Tampa FL Strong College Students started as a privately owned company and developed into a booming franchise.  

We are well aware of the ample opportunities for young professionals in Tampa. And we’ve taken these opportunities and created the strong company we have today.

Movers in St. Petersburg List Best Jobs for Working College Students

College is expensive, and in today’s society, most students have to work while attending school.  Movers in St. Petersburg

Choosing the wrong job to work while in college can sometimes have serious consequences. It can result in lack of focus, a change in priorities, and in some cases, failure to keep up with the workload of college courses.  

We are a company of movers in St. Petersburg, who actively hires college students.

Strong College Students understands that the right job for a college student can make a huge difference in their current situation and their future.  

Here are some of the best companies to work for while attending school.

Our Movers in St. Petersburg Share Best Companies to Work for in College



Starbucks is an amazing company with a lot to offer college students.  If constant access to caffeine for those late-night study sessions isn’t enough to sway the average student, perhaps the part-time employee benefits will.

Starbucks is well known for providing bonuses, dental, and medical coverage, even for part-time employees (depending on the hours they work).  It also provides room for advancement, and employees can make a competitive wage even after college.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another great pick for college students.  Being up to date on the latest technology is a plus for any student, and best buy has a number of part-time jobs.  

The only downside is that retail tends to be demanding, so finding out beforehand if your local store is going to be alright with the time off you’ll need for exams and flexible hours is a must.

American Express

American Express offers great customer service positions that pay a competitive rate, and offer a gateway for college students.  

As a company with unlimited opportunities, American Express is the perfect place to get your foot in the door during college, if you can find the right position that works for your schedule.

Strong College Students

Strong College Students also makes the list of the best companies for the working college student. Strong College Students is a great place for college students to work. 

Not only do we offer part time positions, but we fully understand and appreciate the importance of education- in fact, it was a college student who started the company. The company also focusses on refining student resources—like cfa level 1 study material—so they can excel in entrance and competitive exams. 

We offer flexible hours, and a supportive environment for college students.  Our movers in St. Petersburg and several other locations enjoy a healthy working environment with various levels of opportunity and a built in support system.  

In addition, our unique training is a direct route to success, and we offer unlimited opportunities for employees after college, including franchise ownership.

Movers in Tampa Say Leadership Development Achieves Success

Our movers in Tampa offer the highest quality service available. Therefore, we try to provide the highest quality training.  Movers in Tampa

At Strong College Students, leadership development is an important part of our training process.  

The result is a group of dedicated, motivated, responsible and happy employees that get the job done right.

Our Movers in Tampa are Leading the Way

Leadership development is just one part of our foolproof training system.  We make it a point to hire college students, and teach them how to take charge of their lives and their future.  

A big part of this is balancing work and school.  We understand that school is a main priority for our employees.

We continuously encourage them to make it. And help them achieve educational success as well as leadership success in the workplace.  

In addition, because our other employees are in the same position, we have a built in support system for our staff in the form of their coworkers.  

By focusing on education, we are able to create true leaders.  We also offer many levels of opportunity within our company, encouraging long-term employment and advancement.  

We offer part-time positions in the form of entry level movers, as well as internships for students who want to learn about our company and industry.  

We also provide part-time customer service positions and even part-time crew leader and job site manager positions. Thus, giving us a well-rounded variety of opportunities that we can offer students while they are still pursuing their education.

Quality and Expert Training Programs

As our employees go through our multi-level training program, we are giving them the leadership development tools they need to succeed with us and in other job markets.  

That’s why we also offer full-time positions such as management and director positions.  By offering multiple opportunities, we create careers for our employees, not just jobs.  

We also ensure that our employees are well aware and trained on the many franchise opportunities we have available.  

Our employees have the option of being leaders within our company, or developing the skills required to run their own Strong College Students franchise location.  

So, while they may start out as movers in Tampa, our employees have limitless opportunities for advancement when they work with our company.

Leadership is important to us not only because of the benefits it provides to our employees, but because of the quality service it ensures our customers.  

Teaching the skills required to move your belongings safely and professionally is essential, but without developing leadership skills, the knowledge gained may never be put into practice.  

Our leadership development training ensures that our employees not only have the knowledge to do their job, but the confidence to ensure it is done correctly every time.

At Strong College Students, we’ve developed a program that benefits our employees and clients.  We see our company as a great opportunity for all involved. 

We are proud to serve the members of our community by providing career choices, jobs, and training that will take our employees- and your belongings- anywhere they want to go.