Jack of all Trades

Student movers, interior decorators, IT systems, mechanic, we do it all as a Strong College Student. We have a lot of student movers from a lot of different backgrounds and we try our best to put everyone in a position to display their strengths. This allows college students to make a difference in different parts of Strong College Students when they are not on a home or office move. We have had students restructure the warehouse using handyman skills, to developing relationships with local charities for us to donate extra furniture we come across, to developing a new computerized system for keeping time sheets.
We know that each individual has certain unique skills and we do our best to give them a platform to display those skills. Doing this allows not only our staff to feel empowered at work but lets our organization benefit directly from the unique skills each individual student mover possesses aside from being a Strong College Student. We are all studying something besides home and office moving and are all going to to be a professional at something, so why not get a little real life experience at it while you’re working your way through school! We look for the best and we look to become the best, one move at a time!

Preparing for Movers


At Strong College Students, we know that moving is stressful. In fact, our student movers learn in training that moving is almost as stressful as a loss of a loved one or a divorce. To combat this stress, we want our customers to have some tips on how to make a move stress free!

Packing as much as you can prior to your move date is always a great idea. We understand that time does not always allow for this, and as a result our student movers are more than happy to pack for you. They will pack just a few boxes that you could not get to, or they will pack your entire home! However if you require a significant amount of packing for your move, it is advisable to discuss this with one of our service representatives so that the possibility of adding another crew member can be considered.

One of the first things that you can pack weeks before your move date would be clothing. You can pack clothing that is out of season first so that you won’t be missing those items. If it is summer time, start packing up those bulky sweaters as early as you would like! If you are moving because you just got a job in your field, pack up your club or party outfits. And if you’re moving due to a pregnancy, pack up those clothing items that don’t have stretchy bands!

You may not want to fold or wrinkle certain articles of clothing, like dresses or suit jackets. If this is the case, leave them hanging until your move day. With a full service or budget move with Strong College Students, you will be able to use up to four wardrobe boxes free of charge during your move! These are handy because in seconds you or our student movers will transfer the hanging clothes from the rod in your closet to the metal rod that goes across the top of the box. With our wardrobe boxes your clothes will remain wrinkle free and protected!
If you can put your clothing in regular boxes, it’s always a great idea to save some space. One way to get more out of your box space is by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. By rolling shirts or pants into little cylindrical shapes, it is easier to pack them tightly together in a box than a mess of different sized squares from folded clothing. This may also result in fewer wrinkles, too!




Contributing Author: Kari Piatt

Good Company Fun

I’ve been having the best time working at Strong College Students for the past year and a half now and I can honestly say that I’ve never had a better job! This 2016 year started off great, a close friend/co-worker and I both got a promotion to Strong Captain, which we were truly grateful for and also very excited about accepting the responsibilities for the new role here at Strong College Students. We’ve worked hard together on many moves and can’t wait to pass on what we learned to new student movers. We have a student mover team of consistent, efficient, hard workers that never stop striving for improvement. One lovely Saturday afternoon a Strong College Student suggested that we all could use a little rest and enjoy a moment before college started back up and introduced an excellent idea of a staff get together! We managed to make time to meet at a park  for a small company BBQ and made it happen! We grilled some food, we ate, played sports, and just had a really good time together outside of the work environment team building and relaxing. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to other events similar to that one soon. It’s a great feeling to build a stronger bond with my team and to grow here at Strong College Students Moving!


Contributing Author: Philip Ramos

A Fresh Semester at Strong College Students

The beginning of each new semester at Strong College Students always elevates the energy in our work. The new semester brings inspired new workers to inspire and befriend. I really enjoy seeing new potential colleagues perform the physical fitness test when we are evaluating their potential to become a Strong College Students mover. Watching someone push themselves physically and mentally shows a lot about their character. The college students who push themselves the hardest, regardless of their body type, tend to be those who are most successful in their job duties at Strong College Students. I find myself connecting most to those individuals who strive for the best marks on the physical fitness test. Everyone at Strong College Students wants hard workers in their crew members so they don’t have to do all of the “heavy lifting” themselves. Beyond looking for student movers who are willing to work hard, we are also glad to see many new diverse individuals with positive outlooks and uplifting personalities. Nothing is more reassuring than working with someone who finds a positive outlook on every situation. At Strong College Students, forming a connection with your colleagues is very important. It is especially important that you trust the person you are working with because the majority of this job is relying on someone else to do their part. For example, one man cannot carry a large dresser up a flight of stairs alone, and so you must rely on your partner not to misstep or lose their grip. I look forward to meeting every new potential member at Strong College Students because everyone has a story to tell. We work with college students from many diverse backgrounds, and hearing them tell their life story is always awesome. I am looking forward to the opportunities this semester is bringing and can’t wait to meet and inspire generations of Strong College Students movers to come.


Contributing Author- Joseph Lucia