How to have a smooth move when your movers arrive.

Moving tips. How to have a smooth move when your movers arrive.

If you’ve decided on Strong College Students for your next home or office move, then you’re already in the habit of making good decisions. We offer a variety of services that allow you to be as hands on or as hands off as you want. Many customers prefer to pack the majority of their belongings. In this article, we’re sharing packing tips and tricks that will prepare you well for a smooth move when your movers arrive. Packing is something of an art but it’s easy to master and heres how:

  1. Safeguard your boxes against unnecessary damage. Make sure that all boxes are completely sealed and completely filled. Movers cannot move open boxes and open boxes do not stack well in a moving truck. Partially filled boxes can collapse and may cause damage to your items. To efficiently fill your boxes, try using crumbled newspaper to fill up empty space.
  2. Label boxes by room name. Tagging your boxes with a room name will help direct your movers when unpacking at your new location.
  3. Label your breakables “Fragile.” Do not place fragile items and heavy items in the same box.
  4. Tidy up. Do not leave loose items on the floor or in walkways. Cluttered hallways will slow down your movers and extend the length of your move.
  5. Always use quality boxes. Professional moving cartons stack better and never compress. Make sure that your box is the right size for the items you are packing. Heavy items should be placed in smaller or medium size boxes. Light items can be placed in larger boxes. Strong College Students offer packing supplies and packing services; ask your booking agent for more information.
  6. Remove loose items from dressers and other furniture. Movers will not move furniture with items inside. It is a hazard.

Follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and you will save plenty of time and money. Make your next move a smooth move and book with StrongCollegeStudents now.

Office-moving services

Office-moving Services. Corporate growing pains? Trust in Strong College Students for all of your office-moving needs.


Strong College Students offers If you have been operating your business in the same location for an extended period of time there is a chance that you could outgrow your present location. You may accumulate a lot of files, inventory, spare parts, equipment, materials, or other items. When moving to a greater location with more space you will need the assistance of a professional moving company that has experience with the logistics of moving a business.
It clear to any business owner or executive that a reliable and honest moving company is essential to a smooth and successful business move. A lot of proprietary, and confidential client data will be handled by the moving company that you select to move your business and their files. It is important that these items are handled in a secure and professional manner by a hired staff and not temporary or contract employees. We screen and train all of our staff who are college educated pursing a degree and gaining experience at the same time.
Since you are being billed on an hourly rate you want worker who are going to perform this move in an efficient and safe manner. As a company we have performed thousands of moves so we have muscle memory of the best practices in the industry to minimize downtime as your transition into a new location. We have the largest and best condition trucks in the industry. This means fewer trips no matter how large the job. We can even pack and store items for you freeing up your staff to run business critical tasks.
Once you have selected a company it is important to decide how much your employees will do and how much the movers will do. This keeps the process organized and stops your workers from interfering with the movers. We can offer the complete deal as in packing, moving, junk removal, and storage. We also offer the best service possible at fair market rates. Do your homework and see which of your local moving companies has done the most moves for universities, athletics, and fortune 500 companies.

More tips on moving your office

When you begin moving your office or buisness you realize that there is a lot of risk involved to your equipment, tools, and important documents. Therefore it is never recommended to properly vet and research any vendor that you are considering hiring for the job of relocation your business. How many large jobs have they completes since they have existed? Who is ther single largest client? What is the number of average daily moves that they perform in any given month? These are all questions you should be asking any vendor you are serious about hiring to move your business or large home.
There are many moving companies and moving brokers throughout the area and country. It’s important to distingush between an actual moving company and a moving broker. The latter has little to no contact with the actual moving company and if they do it’s usually indirect contact. This leave virtually no one to hold accountable in the event that somethong catastrophic happens. That is potentially a substantial amout of risk you are leaving yourself open to simply by not doing enough research. Also beware of companies that seem to have an overtated sense of company value. These companies may make frequent appearance on shows irrelevant to their industry. They may also paste logos of other companies and organizations they are not directly related to or endorsed by.
Getting your bsuiness moved and setup quickly is essentual to your bottom line and it is a good idea to select a moving company that understands the logistics of moving a business from the perspective of an actual business owner. This helps in regards to the fact that they emphasize with your wants and needs as they relate to efficiency in regards to getting your business back up to 100% of operational capacity.
These are all some very salient points to keep in mind while selecting a Tampa Mover to help you relocate your business’s assests and liabilities in the most efficient and prudent manner possible. Assisting you in moving your business while maintaining steady cash flow through out the entire process.

Should I rent a storage unit?

How to plan your office move

How to plan your office move. 3 essential considerations for relocating your business.

Is business booming? Then it might be time to move your business.

Is business booming? Is your office bursting at the seams? Then it might be time to move your business. Undoubtedly if you do not have the assistance of the best interstate movers, the process of moving offices can be a stressful and hectic event. The bigger the company, the more complex the task. Employers that require team members to manage the relocation planning while maintaining a ‘business as usual approach,’ risk demoralizing office staff. For businesses with more than three employees, it is highly recommended that you hire movers for your commercial move.

A professional moving company like Strong College Students moving can assist in the planning, organizing and implementing of your office move. We offer personalized office moving services at an affordable price. For instance, Strong College Students offers full-service packing and unpacking of the entire office, workstations, and cubicles. We provide office furniture disassembly/reassembly and installation, and we can also assist with floor plan design. But if you want new furniture, read more on Overheard on Conference calls. However, there are a few things that you can do as a business owner/manger that will help make your relocation a bit easier. First, schedule a move with Strong College Students Moving, then before moving day, take into account the following top three considerations:

1. Plan in advance and schedule your move during downtime 
Details like where to set up cubicles and where to put in the Ethernet connections are good things to plan out ahead of time. However, if you are relocating an entire business, this becomes imperative, since you may also be looking at moving a LAN or wireless network and office equipment like printers, photocopiers and computers.

When you decide to move your business it is important to begin thinking about things like cubicle and furniture arrangement, ethernet and cat 5 wiring locations, office locations, break rooms, and general office logistics. Other office items to consider when moving would include copiers, printers, computers, chairs, and other equipment specialized for your industry. Moving during off peak or non seasonal times for your industry will help lessen the impact of moving to your business.
There are chances that you may run into issues when setting up phone systems and internet when getting your business re-established in your new location. It’ important to have a qualified and establish moving company’s assistance when moving your business. It’s also a great idea to make sure all equipment is in working order and you have no loose ends before you move. This can also help eliminate any potential problems or pitfalls.

2. Retrofitting and Upgrades
If you have equipment that is old, broken, or in need of repair and or upgrades moving is a perfect time to upgrade and liquidate older equipment. This will prevent the movers from having to move it thus reducing your move time and cost. Monitors, computers, printer, furniture, and other item can be assessed for replacement.

3. Conducting Business During Your Move
In the event your move will take longer than a few days or if you have no down time or off peak seasons you may need to conduct business during your relocation. A laptop will be your most effective tool while you are in between permanent office locations. You may even consider getting a portable printer as well for added convenience
There are a many possibilities for you move to be delayed by or a day or two or if your move is completed on time it still may take longer to get everything in order and back online to conduct business as usual. So it is important to establish a contingency plan in order to conduct operations.
Following these recommendations will help make your move more efficient and make your relocation less impact upon your business operations. There are many variables that can go into relocating your office or company headquarters which is why it is imperative to select a highly qualified mover

Rapid growth & expansion: Innovation & job news

Tampa Bay moving company grows, adds 20 jobs

Strong College Students, a moving company in Tampa, plans to hire up to 20 people as soon as possible. The company, which was founded in 2005, offers moving services to commercial and residential customers. What makes this moving company unique is its workforce.

“Currently everyone in our company is a student,” says Shaun C. Robinson, CEO of Strong College Students. “Education is one of our core values, and we want to provide students with practical work experience while in school.”

Robinson says that while the company currently employs only students, he is open to hiring non-students for his warehouse. For those non-students who are interested in attending college, the company offers a program that helps them with applications, finding financial aid and enrolling in school.

“The program mentors employees who want to attend college,” Robinson says. “Those individuals are put on a six- to 12-month track to enroll in school. ”

As the company grows, Robinson is actively seeking college students to be movers, interns to work in all areas of the business, and service representatives to book moves and handle customer services issues.

“We will be hiring between five to 15 strong college students, two to four strong service reps and three to four interns,” says Robinson. “The number we hire depends upon our employee’s schedules. With all of our staff being students, we have a lot of part-time employees, and we work around class schedules. ”

Strong College Students serves the greater Tampa Bay region, including Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

Top 30 under 30 awards: 2011 Up & Comers-Shaun C. Robinson

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see Strong College Students Moving as the national/international brand I know it will become with locations across the country and expanding into countries like Canada, England or Australia. I see myself in a role of chairman of the board with a youthful and energetic CEO taking this brand to levels I hadn’t imagined.
What’s the best part of your day? It’s exciting to see our brightly colored trucks on the road because when I do I know there are hardworking college student earning their way through school while providing our clients with fun, enjoyable and memorable moving experiences. We have a chance to help someone new every day. For that reason my job is extremely rewarding!
What was the rock star moment of your career? It’s hard to stop and analyze that right now, I believe our brand is just embarking on developing “rock star status.” I know we have many rock star moments ahead.
What advice would you give to future Up & Comers? You can make any job a job you’ll enjoy and be proud of.
Trust me moving isn’t glamorous or exciting to most. However by developing our brand around values and ideals that were important to me I’ve created a job I enjoy and get excited about.
You have the power to do that in your career as well. It’s your life. Take charge, and make your dreams a reality.
What charity or nonprofit do you support most and why? I proudly support ASAP Homeless Services as president of the board. I believe no one should be homeless or feel helpless, I strive to use my talents and skill set to support, encourage and advocate for homelessness. This is a problem that can be solved with cooperation, a little attention and a lot of compassion and understanding from us all.

Strong moves up and expands naturally

Shaun Robinson co-founded Strong College Students out of his apartment at USF. The company’s new office in a 10,000-square-foot warehouse complex includes an area to train employees and franchisees. Photo by Mark Wemple.

There are still unpacked boxes in the corner of Shaun Robinson’s office from his firm’s recent move to a larger space. The 28-year-old executive has seen such an increase in business at his moving company that he had employees taking calls and servicing customers while the firm relocated to larger space.

And by espousing values of sustainability, like its plan to install a biodiesel dispense machine at its location, the firm is nabbing demand from the burgeoning green consumer. Robinson, president and CEO of the Tampa-based moving company, says the firm hit record earnings for each month so far this year and is primed to hit 900 moves for 2011. The firm moved itself in November when it outgrew its previous space, and is working on Robinson’s vision to turn the brand into a franchise. In fact, two Florida franchisees have already been signed, and another possible franchisee is located in Georgia. This bodes well for Strong College Students, Robinson explains. “The demand is there,” he says.

To keep his company’s mission strong, Strong College Students’ new facility, which he envisions as the national headquarters for his firm, serves as a training ground for potential franchisees. In the center, Robinson says he will run rigorous training sessions to ensure the franchisee understands the firm’s values — and how they fit with its business plan.

Running a firm with an employee base that mainly includes college students is somewhat an obstacle, but Robinson explains he is well equipped to surmount that challenge. He started Strong College Students while he was in college at University of South Florida, balancing girlfriend duties and membership in a fraternity. “I was there,” he says. The company keeps track of each student’s availability, adding staff if necessary, and even has a shower on site. This avoids the need for the student to go home between work and class. Managing schedules is difficult, but hiring a loafing college student can be even more damaging. Strong College Students bucks that worry by eschewing interviews and holding tryouts. “Anyone can be coached on how to perform well in an interview,” Robinson states. “We want to push (potential employees.)”

Tests of agility, speed and — of course — strength are held in Strong College Students’ headquarters at its training facility. A daunting set of stairs leads up to a platform housing renditions of an office, bedroom and living room. The employee is put to the test moving the furniture and receives a grade ranging from “A” to “F.” Throughout the test, management is judging for attentiveness, and a pop-quiz is administered. Robinson says he cherishes the opportunity to mentor college students who are uncertain about the future. He asks what their goals are for the next five years and what he can do to assist them. The strong bonds that develop between employees and management are similar to a fraternity, he says. “I’m kind of the cheerleader behind the scenes,” Robinson says. Robinson is confident that the strength of his firm’s model and its recession-resistant quality will bring in franchisees. “People will always be moving, there will always be people getting married, and there will always be children being born,” Robinson says. “Life moves on.”

Packing your pots and pans before moving

 Moving is an activity that most people despise and dislike which is most likely the reason you are on our website. Packing is also another task that most who are familiar with moving seem to avoid or put off to the last minute. When packing your kitchen you are going to have to pack your pots and pans. Packing is easier if you have the right materials before hand. When you begin packing your kitchen it’s best to have the following:

Medium-sized, sturdy moving boxes.
Packing paper, kraft paper, or you can be green and use old newspaper
Packing Tape
Black Sharpie

Before packing you boxes it’s a good idea to make sure they are ready to carry the items you are about to place in them. Make sure you tape the seems of the boxes with a little reinforcement especially since pot and pans in a box can begin to add up weight wise in a hurry.

Take your paper and crumple it up into loose spheres. If you pack it too tight you may exhaust you paper supply and reduce the shock absorbency. After creating your paper spheres place them in the bottom of your boxes to provide a layer of cushion on the bottom.

Next you want to group all pots and pans together with their lids so you don’t have to search for them when you begin unpacking. It’s best to place smaller pots inside of larger pots. Before placing the smaller pots inside of larger pots be sure to place a few sheets of paper inside to keep them from rattling or clinging against each other. Follow this method to place your pots and pans inside of your box leaving enough space for the lids. Once your ready to pack you lids I go ahead and wrap them in paper and place them in the remaining space. Continue this method until you have packed all of you pots and pans.

After you have packed all your boxes use you sharpie to label them “Kitchen” and if you prefer you can also add a sub label like “pots and pans” “utensils” or “spices”. Make sure to label them on multiple sides and large lettering so you can see the labels from a far and without having to move the box.

Basic moving supplies you need to move

Moving can be a tedious and daunting task, and when you don’t have the right moving supplies you need to pack for a move, it could prove to be a hassle and pretty annoying as packing can take up to 5 times longer. It is always better to be prepared when moving.

Moving can be a great experience, however packing is no fun especially if you are not well prepared. This will not only be a hassle on your part, but could put your items at risk. Packing is an important factor to have a successful relocation, and ironically this is one of the more difficult things to achieve. When you want to have a successful and hassle free relocation, you should consider having the proper materials for packing.

You can purchase moving supplies at a local hardware store, or if you are choosing to hire a moving company, you could purchase the moving supplies from them. Be very careful when choosing a recycled boxes to pack with.

Materials you want on hand before moving include: boxes in various sizes and shapes, scissors, news papers, bubble wraps, markers or pens, packing tape and tools for dismantling things such as furniture, or tv stands. These items are able to make your move easier and less stressful. These items are the most important, and if you don’t have these items when you are ready to start your local moving company usually will have supplies readily available for purchase.

Boxes are the most important item to have before moving. They come in various sizes and each of which has its certain uses. Bubblewrap and newspaper are most effective for glassware. Permanent markers are great for labeling. Labeling your boxes and their content make it easier to unpack later. It’s recommended that anyone who is moving have these materials on location before packing. It is a good idea to pack things that are of same kind or type. Also label your items that are glass or fragile as you may not be the one loading or unloading the box.

Cushions or padding can also be very useful for fragile materials. These materials are basic to the moving process and one would be ill advised to start packing if these basic items were are unavailable. These basic moving supplies can help anyone to have a