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Tampa Bay moving company grows, adds 20 jobs

Strong College Students, a moving company in Tampa, plans to hire up to 20 people as soon as possible. The company, which was founded in 2005, offers moving services to commercial and residential customers. What makes this moving company unique is its workforce.

“Currently everyone in our company is a student,” says Shaun C. Robinson, CEO of Strong College Students. “Education is one of our core values, and we want to provide students with practical work experience while in school.”

Robinson says that while the company currently employs only students, he is open to hiring non-students for his warehouse. For those non-students who are interested in attending college, the company offers a program that helps them with applications, finding financial aid and enrolling in school.

“The program mentors employees who want to attend college,” Robinson says. “Those individuals are put on a six- to 12-month track to enroll in school. ”

As the company grows, Robinson is actively seeking college students to be movers, interns to work in all areas of the business, and service representatives to book moves and handle customer services issues.

“We will be hiring between five to 15 strong college students, two to four strong service reps and three to four interns,” says Robinson. “The number we hire depends upon our employee’s schedules. With all of our staff being students, we have a lot of part-time employees, and we work around class schedules. ”

Strong College Students serves the greater Tampa Bay region, including Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.