How to plan your office move

How to plan your office move. 3 essential considerations for relocating your business.

Is business booming? Then it might be time to move your business.

Is business booming? Is your office bursting at the seams? Then it might be time to move your business. Undoubtedly if you do not have the assistance of the best interstate movers, the process of moving offices can be a stressful and hectic event. The bigger the company, the more complex the task. Employers that require team members to manage the relocation planning while maintaining a ‘business as usual approach,’ risk demoralizing office staff. For businesses with more than three employees, it is highly recommended that you hire movers for your commercial move.

A professional moving company like Strong College Students moving can assist in the planning, organizing and implementing of your office move. We offer personalized office moving services at an affordable price. For instance, Strong College Students offers full-service packing and unpacking of the entire office, workstations, and cubicles. We provide office furniture disassembly/reassembly and installation, and we can also assist with floor plan design. But if you want new furniture, read more on Overheard on Conference calls. However, there are a few things that you can do as a business owner/manger that will help make your relocation a bit easier. First, schedule a move with Strong College Students Moving, then before moving day, take into account the following top three considerations:

1. Plan in advance and schedule your move during downtime 
Details like where to set up cubicles and where to put in the Ethernet connections are good things to plan out ahead of time. However, if you are relocating an entire business, this becomes imperative, since you may also be looking at moving a LAN or wireless network and office equipment like printers, photocopiers and computers.

When you decide to move your business it is important to begin thinking about things like cubicle and furniture arrangement, ethernet and cat 5 wiring locations, office locations, break rooms, and general office logistics. Other office items to consider when moving would include copiers, printers, computers, chairs, and other equipment specialized for your industry. Moving during off peak or non seasonal times for your industry will help lessen the impact of moving to your business.
There are chances that you may run into issues when setting up phone systems and internet when getting your business re-established in your new location. It’ important to have a qualified and establish moving company’s assistance when moving your business. It’s also a great idea to make sure all equipment is in working order and you have no loose ends before you move. This can also help eliminate any potential problems or pitfalls.

2. Retrofitting and Upgrades
If you have equipment that is old, broken, or in need of repair and or upgrades moving is a perfect time to upgrade and liquidate older equipment. This will prevent the movers from having to move it thus reducing your move time and cost. Monitors, computers, printer, furniture, and other item can be assessed for replacement.

3. Conducting Business During Your Move
In the event your move will take longer than a few days or if you have no down time or off peak seasons you may need to conduct business during your relocation. A laptop will be your most effective tool while you are in between permanent office locations. You may even consider getting a portable printer as well for added convenience
There are a many possibilities for you move to be delayed by or a day or two or if your move is completed on time it still may take longer to get everything in order and back online to conduct business as usual. So it is important to establish a contingency plan in order to conduct operations.
Following these recommendations will help make your move more efficient and make your relocation less impact upon your business operations. There are many variables that can go into relocating your office or company headquarters which is why it is imperative to select a highly qualified mover