Strong Intern (Internships)

We offer unique internship opportunities that allow students the opportunity to work directly with the executive leadership of our company. Our interns have the ability to literally change the corporate fabric of our company and organize, develop, create and leave a lasting impression on a rapidly growing and evolving company.

College Course Credit and Paid Internship Opportunities are available in the following areas:
· Business Administration
· Business Management and Leadership
· Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
· Network Administration and Information Technology

Our internship program is derived to first educate and allow young minds the ability to explore, create, and be heard. Secondly, we are a rapidly growing company with the need to find and train new business development and management staff. We are always hiring and looking for great talent, our internships are designed to find the best and most suitable candidates for our current and future employment opportunities. With a growing, changing, and developing company like Strong College Students the opportunity to create a future with us is limitless! It may be to own a franchise one day or becoming our next great leader and executive, either way, there is no “corporate ceiling” stopping you from achieving your personal or professional dreams here. Rather we embrace those goals and simply wish to help you excel and achieve them!