Reasons to move to Amarillo TX

As your local movers Amarillo TX ,Strong College Students knows the top reasons that people move to a new location.  If you are looking for a great place to live, look no further than Amarillo Texas.  

The cost of living is very low in Amarillo.   cities in Texas have been rapidly growing over the last decade because of their awesome location, appeal to young entrepreneurs, and low cost of living.

Reasons to Move & Movers in Amarillo TX  

Those who move to Amarillo will experience a city lifestyle of convenience and excitement without breaking the bank.  

Amarillo also has some of the most community oriented and friendly people in the US. This community is constantly being praised for their notoriously welcoming population. For a city the size of Amarillo, this is no small feat.

If you have a family,, Amarillo offers an excellent education system.   Amarillo schools are well known for having a lot to offer with your education.  Not only do they have fantastic schools, they have a lot of schools to choose from.  You can easily shop around in Amarillo for the best education for your family.

Another great reason to move to Amarillo is that there is just so much to do!   If you love performances, the local theater and Symphony will be a major draw.  .Amarillo also has a very active art community, so there’s no shortage of culture and fun things to see.  

If you are a sports fan, there’s no better place to watch a game then Amarillo. If you prefer to stay active, there are indoor rock-climbing facilities, mountain biking trails, and one very long zip line for the extreme sports junkie.

If you love great food, you’ll enjoy Amarillo.  You’ll be sure to find a lot of high-quality beef in every restaurant.   Amarillo is also a community that supports a high number of  privately owned restaurants.  If  you are a fan of comfort food and mom and pop restaurants, you’ll love the culinary spin each place in Amarillo puts on traditional dishes.
Local movers  Amarillo TX know the value of living in Amarillo. Combining an urban lifestyle with a village community and a cowboy atmosphere, Amarillo has it all.   There is no other city where you can get all that Amarillo has to offer at the cost of living they provide here.  If you live in Amarillo or interested in moving here, call Strong College Students for all of your moving needs.

Tips for Letting People Know about your New Business

Our Moving Companies Amarillo TX

Our moving companies Amarillo TX  offer franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a successful company.   One of the first things to do when you open a business is to get the word out.  Here are some ways to let people know that you have started your business and what kind of services you offer.

In today’s world, and internet presence is a must. the ideal way to get the word out is to already have a strong social media presence and effective website. One way to bolster your social media presence is to reach out to the Marketing Heaven and acquire from them some likes and shares on your social media accounts. Also make sure that your website an online presence are optimized for search engines so that you get top billing on sites like Google for your area.  A vast majority of consumers use the internet to find services or products they need.

Make sure you are bringing value to your audience.   something instructional and free in order to get the word out.   You could write an e-book, post a video blog, hand out brochures with a how-to list, or self publish a book that you give away to potential clients.  Putting instructions and useful information on marketing materials ensures that people keep them around, which means that when they are ready your business  information will be easily accessible to them.

Introduce yourself to the businesses and people around you. You can’t be the leader of a community if you aren’t a part of that community.   The best thing you can do for your business is to get to know people as quickly as possible.   Try dropping off a gift or simply walking in and saying hello.  If you are in a community of many small businesses, you should make this initial contact before you bring up your marketing materials.   Later on, you can go around and offer an exchange of materials to display in both of your businesses.

Another way to introduce yourself to the community is to throw a party. Opening event is a fantastic way to introduce your business.   Make sure you get the right people on board to make this event a success.  If you are able to hold a successful opening event, you will have an audience of people who are interested in your business.

Try giving back.  People remember you when you fill a need.  Set aside for donations but be careful about donating to a charity that comes along.   try to donate something that no one has thought of before in the community.  For example, If you are promoting local moving companies Amarillo TX, you could donate some movers  to help set up or break down your town’s next big event.  Once people see all the heavy lifting being done by people wearing your brand, they’ll associate you with getting the job done.

Marketing your business means combining visibility with word of mouth and reputation. Follow these tips and you’ll be off to a great start to letting people know who you are and what you do.

Visiting Amarillo Texas & Moving Estimates

At Strong College Students, we offer franchise opportunities for business owners who are looking to get involved in our company.  We choose the best areas around the U.S. to offer our many services, including moving estimates and full service packing.  One of the communities we call home is Amarillo, Texas.

Visiting Amarillo Texas & Moving Estimates

 Amarillo has been and continues to be a hotspot for investors looking for vacation properties, and with all of the great places to visit, there’s no question as to why.  These are our favorite things to do in Amarillo, Texas.

The Cadillac Ranch is worth a visit when you come to Amarillo.  It is one of the most famous art installations in the United States.  It’s located on Route 66 and features ten cadillacs half buried in the ground.  As people have visited the site, they’ve added artwork and graffiti to these ten rooted cadillacs, which only enhances their appeal.  

This is an example not only of individual art, but of community art that has evolved and developed over time.

Music lovers will love the Amarillo Symphony.  The Globe News Center for the performing arts is a performance hall that has a claim to fame for acoustics.  The Amarillo Symphony calls this performance hall home for many of their public performances.  This amazingly talented group attracts people of all ages.

Horse riding tours are another popular activity in Amarillo, giving riders of all experience levels a chance to saddle up.  Visitors love learning and riding through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area.  Being an amazing location with multiple untouched areas, there are also great places in Amarillo for walking, hiking, or jogging.

If you’re more attracted to food and nightlife, you’ll find lots to do in Amarillo. Amarillo is home to a variety of restaurants that offers a wide range of culinary experiences, from barbeque to fresh seafood.  After dinner, some cocktails can be had all around town with a hopping nightlife that features every atmosphere imaginable.  

Texas has been the place for nightlife for a long time, and Amarillo is no exception.  From sports bars to hookah bars, the nightlife in Amarillo is widespread and eclectic.  You can hop from a martini bar to a dive bar, and end the night playing pool all in one area.

At Strong College Students, we are proud to be a member of many exciting communities.  Amarillo, Texas is a great place to visit, and even to live!  If you are looking for moving estimates to move to Amarillo, contact us and see what we can do to make your move as simple as possible, we can offer you the best residential movers services.


Packing Tips from Strong College Students

One of the main reasons people have issues moving is packing.  Packing properly is the most important part of your move.  

It ensures that your unpacking process will go smoothly and efficiently.  If you do not pack properly, your move will become that much more difficult and settling into your new home will take extra time.  

We have moved many people at Strong College Students, from people who moved for the great jobs in Lubbock for college students to families who found a wonderful school district.  Our movers have packed offices, homes, and apartments.

Packing Tips from Strong College Students

Professional packing makes your move easy and efficient.  If you decide to pack yourself, here are some tips from the pros.

Make sure you pack room by room.  You should have separate boxes for each room.  Do not mix rooms in one box.  When you unpack, you can unpack room by room as well.

Keep a separate box or bag for essentials.  When you get to your new home, you may not want to unpack right away.  Make sure you are prepared to spend a night.  Pack clothing for the night and the next day, toiletries, and non-perishable or microwavable food.

Use the right packing equipment.  It may seem like a great idea to get free boxes from the grocery store, but those boxes are not designed to transport the items in your home.  Your items will be safer, and you’ll be able to store more using professional packing supplies.

The goal is to make the most of your space.  This will save you trips and require less moving trucks to transport your items from one location to the other.  

Always put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box.  This makes them easier to move and keeps them from falling apart.  It also allows them to be more balanced during transport.  

Use labels for everything, and create a home inventory.  Label your boxes by room, and make a list of the items that you packed for each room.  Although this may seem time consuming, it will make the unpacking experience much easier.   

With a home inventory list, you can check off items as you pack and unpack them, so you know for sure if something is missing.

At Strong College Students, making sure your packing experience is efficient is a top priority.  To get started packing your home like a professional, follow these tips and see what a difference proper packing can make.  

For moving services or jobs in Lubbock for college students, call Strong College Students.

Affordable Moving in Lubbock TX & Best Places to Study

Studying can be difficult on a college campus.  You’re almost always likely to run into someone you know, and sometimes it’s hard to find peace and quiet.   Affordable Moving in Lubbock

Strong College Students provides affordable moving in Lubbockso we work regularly with college students.  We also have a staff of responsible college students working for us.

We Provide Affordable Moving in Lubbock for the Community.

We interact with students on a regular basis, so we know where they go to study.  Here are some of the best study spots in Lubbock, TX, if you are planning or are ready to move choose the  moving company in Madison WI,  are not simple to find, call them up and get info and get ready for your moving !

Gatsby’s Coffeehouse is a favorite because of its quiet atmosphere and great coffee.  Although an evening where entertainment is provided may not be the ideal study time, the place is usually a perfect location to study.  With lots of seating, it’s rarely difficult to find a place to set up, and students love the laid back environment.

If you like the coffee but prefer a different scene, Xcelente Smoothie & Coffee Haus offers a low key environment.  Their fresh, healthy smoothies are popular with students and keep them focused and energized.  Reviewers say it’s not too crowded, and there is no shortage of outlets for your laptop or mobile device.

Other Great Places to Study

The City of Lubbock Library is the perfect study spot for people who need peace.  In fact, so many students study on campus and in local coffee shops or restaurants that the local libraries are often underutilized.  For the student who needs absolute quiet and solitude, public libraries are the place to be in Lubbock.

At Strong College Students, education is a huge priority for us. We make it a point to employ college students, and to help them learn the tools they need to succeed at school and in life. We hand out stuff like CLEP Study Guides freely to those looking to clear those exams.

Jason’s Deli is another popular place to study, and many students bring their books there for lunch.  With excellent reviews as a deli, it’s a popular place to eat.  The table space inside allows students to cram for their last minute tests while they enjoy their meal.

For another dine and study spot, Fuddruckers serves quality casual food.  They are known for their burgers, and the casual atmosphere makes this a hot spot for students.  Bringing a couple books and a laptop makes this a great study spot if you’re trying to dine while you study, 

Balancing work and education is our main focus, and we try to provide any information or assistance necessary to help our employees accomplish this.  With these great study spots, students can mix social interaction, a productive environment, and escape campus for a little while.

Tips for Internships During College – Moving Company in Lubbock

Internships while you are in college are a great way to build your resume.  They can open multiple doors for a successful future.  Just like a job, what you get out of your internship depends on what you put into it.
Moving Company in Lubbock

At Strong College Students, our moving company in Lubbock offers internship programs that launch careers.  

Making the Most of Your College Internship

Doing the MOST

Don’t be afraid to do multiple internships while you are in college.  The more experience you have, the better it will look to employers.  

As much as an internship is there for building your resume, it’s also meant to guide you.  

It will help you figure out what you want to do when you graduate, and get a broader concept of the opportunities that may be available.

Be On Time

Be punctual consistently throughout your internship.  Punctuality is essential to making a good impression.  Being late implies a lack of dedication to the position.  

Whether you are enjoying the internship or not, give it the most you have and you’ll find yourself with a glowing reference when you graduate.

Take On Extra Tasks

Don’t be idle.  The first week, you’ll probably be at a loss for what to do and how things are run.  Once you start to catch on, take on additional projects that you see are necessary.  

You should complete the assigned projects first, but if you see work that needs to be done, take it on.  Just make sure you aren’t taking on something that is over your head.

Establish Relationships

Build relationships professionally.  Get to know your co-workers.  Socialize with other interns.  Communicate with your superiors and get to know them as well.  

Follow up on your connections, and stay in touch, even if it’s just a happy birthday or dropping a line now and then.  The relationships you have the opportunity to build during your internship can benefit you for the rest of your career.

Don’t Wait for Opportunity to Knock

Explore all paths of opportunity.  Try to keep an open mind and learn everything you can about the company.  Learn all of the positions available.  

Find out if they have a list of positions.  You may be surprised that some jobs exist, or what they entail.  Knowledge gives you the power of direction, and you could leave your internship with a goal you never knew was possible.

Our Moving Company in Lubbock Can Help

Finding the right internship is wonderful, but making the most of your internship can change your life.  At Strong College Students, Kirkland Movers  prides ourselves on providing an excellent internship program for students to make the most of their college experience.  


Student Movers List Top Reasons to Move to Lubbock TX

 Student Movers

Here are the Top 7 Reasons Our Student Movers Give to Move to Lubbock, TX.

  1.    The city is growing

Lubbock has a lot to offer, and it’s only getting bigger.  While it’s not a huge city, you can still enjoy a city environment.  In fact, Lubbock population is on a consistent rise, and developers and businesses are coming to the area to make their mark more and more frequently.

  1.    Lubbock is the place for entrepreneurs and professionals

If you’re looking to start a small business, or you just love supporting them, Lubbock is the place for you.  It’s been rated one of the top towns for small business.  Lubbock also has a great job market, and a low unemployment rate.  Whether you work for yourself, or are looking to launch a career, Lubbock is the job market for you.
As your professional student movers, Strong College Students know the top locations in the country to live. All of the employees have attended college prep. If you’re looking for a new location to plant your roots, Lubbock, TX has a lot to offer.


    Kickback to 1950

Almost every mention of Lubbock is accompanied by a mention of drive in theater.  Lubbock has one of the best around, The Stars and Stripes Drive In theater.  This is a popular hangout for all ages, and even has its own 50’s café.


    Small town meets urban

While Lubbock is a city, and offers all that the city has to offer, residents claim that it still feels like a small town.  There is a strong sense of community, the people are friendly, and there are more than a few local hot spots that residents regularly frequent.

  1.    Get to work quickly

Lubbock, despite being a populated area, has an average commute of sixteen minutes.  That is way less than the national average of one hour!

  1.    College

Lubbock is a college town, and has a lot to offer in the area of education.  Home to two large universities, a smaller university, and a number of colleges, Lubbock is a great place to learn.  The educational establishments are also a great source of employment for the area.

  1.    Cost of Living

If you want to live it up, Lubbock is the place to do it.  With a cost of living that is over 15% lower than the national average, the area offers a great deal for a low cost.  In fact, the median cost of a home is little over $100,000.00

If you’re looking for a great place to live, Lubbock should be at the top of your list.  When you’re ready to move, call Strong College Students and allow our home movers to move you safely and efficiently to your new home.

Safe Moving Tips From Our Strong College Students In Lubbock

When you are planning a move, you plan on spending time and effort on the process.  You may not realize, however, that safety is also an issue.  Moving Safety

Moving should be safe for both the people moving your belongings and for your possessions.  

At Strong College Students, we use safe moving practices to ensure this happens. We’ve always been mindful of how we de-clutter our space, and follow all ideas on unclutterer so we do not leave a mess for the next owner.

If you are moving on your own, here are some tips from our professional movers in Lubbock on moving safely.

Moving Safety Tips From Our Strong College Student Movers In Lubbock

When moving, your first concern should be your safety. You can check out Sky Van Lines to get professional help for you to plan where things will go before you move them and bring them into your new location.  This will save you a lot of moving time, since you won’t be rearranging items or moving them twice.


When packing boxes, make sure you aren’t overfilling them.  Try to set a reasonably light weight limit for each box. In order to determine what would be a manageable weight limit, pack a sample box until it is the weight that you feel you can manage and use that as the standard. Remember, you’ll be moving all day, so don’t make the limit too high.

Make sure you use proper equipment for your move.  Rent dollies if needed so that you can move heavier items, or use a professional moving company that has equipment of their own.

Planning and Organization

The safety of your belongings is also a top priority.  The key to safely transporting your belongings is proper planning.  Plan how you will pack the moving truck in order to fit everything you need, and keep it safe.  

Once you’ve done that, you will have an idea of what order to pack in and what goes first.  When you are organized and prepared, it is much easier to move your possessions safely.

Break furniture down if possible.  This will make it easier to fit through entryways without damaging the furniture or the property. But furniture like luxury sofas and other woodwork that cannot be disassembled must be transported with care. Most furniture is assembled, and you should be able to easily find the access points to dissemble the furniture for moving purposes.  Just make sure you keep track of the parts and pieces!

Major Appliances

Always prepare major appliances before moving them.  In order to do this properly, you should contact the maker or manufacturer.  Not preparing appliances before a move can severely damage them, and affect how they work when you arrive at your new home.

Moving safely is a top priority for Strong College Students.  Our professional Lubbock movers practice moving safety procedures when they move your belongings.  If you are looking for the safest moving method, call Strong College Students to arrange your professional move.