What Sports has Taught us About Business

We learn a lot about life and business from sports. This often gets overlooked because I believe people think it’s just too simple. Well it is, that’s the beauty of it. Any business is only as good as the people performing the everyday tasks, they collectively make up that business. A collection of people working toward a common goal is a team any way shape or form you decide to put them in. There are certain inherent traits of any successful team, just like in a business.


Not to burst anyone’s bubble but that’s what sports is today but they have actually become big businesses. The NFL is a business and if a team isn’t performing well changes are made for the team to win and ultimately, make more money. A team that performs well, wins a lot, wins leads to fan support which leads to revenue for that franchise owner. That is the goal of any business to make make money and that comes from your team performing well. Team performance will dictate overall success. So not only do teams function like businesses, teams literally have become businesses! Leaders are valued and every action is made with winning in mind!


Everyone doing their job


For a football team to function all 11 members must do their job to be successful. If one member runs the wrong play or misses a tackle, it doesn’t matter how well the other 10 guys do their job. The same is true in business, if everyone doesn’t do their job the whole team can get derailed on a project. Everyone must understand this and see the importance of completing their job the best the can. Sometimes one person can perform so well that others mistakes get overlooked. It is important to look for this and to find and correct every details that may be getting overlooked for the greater good of the team’s long term future. One star player can get you to the playoffs but only great teams win championships.




Success in any sport comes from the whole team playing together in unison. One person not doing their job can cost everyone. That is how how a business functions as well, requiring strong leadership to ensure that the team firing on all cylinders 24/7. At Strong College Students we have a lot of staff members that work here because they are all student movers, with the student always coming first. As a result of this we have a larger team and playing in unison becomes critical. Everyone must be on the same page with policy changes and new information that may apply to someone’s work day. We have software and systems in place to ensure frequent communication to keep everyone on the same page. We, like many other organizations, function at their best when everyone is on the same page working toward the same goal.




Every great team has a great leader, normally in the form on a coach or general manager.  Don Shula, Bill Walsh, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, They were all the leaders for their team and in business it is the leader who crafts the plan, puts the pieces together and puts everyone in the position to do whatever it is that they do just like sports.


Great Leadership starts at the top at Strong College Students. Our CEO always makes sure he is involved with the way in which day to day operations are going to ensure any problems are quickly resolved and customers are always receiving the highest level of customer service. We also have a leadership development program as we have many staff members in leadership positions. We want to make sure that each crew has a great leader at the helm each day and that each home and office moving team has the very best team that they can be. We know that everyone will be in a leadership position at some point in their life and we prepare them for that. Leadership is skill that takes time to craft and only by experience, and with great people around you can a great leader be great.



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