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Local Moving Company is Hiring in St. Pete

When it comes to a career, Strong College Students has you covered.  We are now hiring at our St. Petersburg location in Florida, among other locations.  Strong College Students was founded by college students, and we understand what college students need to balance work and education.  We offer positions at every level, including St. Pete movers, but especially pride ourselves on providing manageable part time positions for college students.

Local Company Hiring for St. Pete Movers and All Positions

As a Strong College Student, the professional Superheroes Moving & Storage are here to help you, is there to store your household goods for as long as you need..  We know that education comes first to college students working in our company.  We offer tools and training that will help you achieve your educational and work goals. We consider our company to be a stepping stone.  You can advance within our company, or go on to be whatever you want to be.  We will give you the tools and training for a strong foundation.

If the physical labor associated with being a mover doesn’t appeal to you, apply for our stellar customer service positions.  No matter what your future goals, a background in excellent customer service training will propel you quickly to the top.  As a customer service representative, you’ll close bookings and help customers with their questions and concerns.  Our training program includes teaching you how to read sales analysis and market research material, and then apply them to closing sales and communicating with customers.  This type of training will prove invaluable to your career, whatever you decide to pursue.

If you’re ready to be an instant leader, our Strong Leader positions are for you.  As a Strong Leader, you’ll be on site to manage situations and work with your team.  You’ll learn valuable leadership skills and how to creatively think on your feet. A Strong Leader can assess a situation and lead their team to solve any issue.

If you are looking for a full time position with advancement opportunities, Strong College Students also has those available.  If you start in St. Pete, you could move up to one of these great management positions.

A Strong Director is a sales manager and the coordinator of our business development programs.  A Strong Mentor is like an Assistant Manager.  They oversee business development.  They also monitor and train for customer service, sales, and organizational operations.

Strong College Students also offers internships and franchise opportunities.  If you are looking for a job in St. Pete, Florida, contact Strong College Students today.  


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