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How to Move a Piano

Part of the benefit that you get from hiring professional movers in Lubbock Is that they have expert training and knowledge to safely move your posessions.   items that are more difficult to move, such as pianos, are easily handled when you have the right knowledge.  At Strong College Students, our professional movers in Lubbock handle hard to move objects on a regular basis. If you are looking for tips to move a piano here are a few things you should know, just make sure you hire a company that has experience with piano moving.

Professional Movers in Lubbock on How to Move a Piano

First, you should know what type of piano you are moving.  Different pianos may have slightly different methods of moving.  Once you determine the kind of piano that you have, you should get started on planning a route out of your space.  If your doorways are not wide enough, you may have to seek alternative routes, which can become quite complicated and that’s why the use of professional services such as moving companies morgantown could be the best option to move your belongings in a safe way.’

Minimize the pianos size as much as possible.  For example, if you have a grand piano Kama make sure the back is closed.   For a spinet or upright piano, close and lock the keyboard cover.  Secure any possible moving parts in place by tying or locking them.

Wrap piano with thick blankets and packing tape to secure the cover.  You want to make sure that the piano is adequately cushioned to avoid damaging the piano or the property around it.  Once the piano is prepared for your move, you will be ready to transport.

Make sure you have enough people to easily carry the piano. Do not roll the piano, as the wheels on a piano are not really made for a transport.   You could end up breaking the leg of the piano or scratching your floors significantly.  Move the piano with care, and make sure you are holding the most secure parts of the piano.  You want to have an even grip on all sides depending on the pianos proportions, so again, make sure you have enough people to move the piano properly.  You should stop very frequently to readjust your grip and ensure that you are handling the piano with care.

Placement of the piano on the board or into the moving vehicle can vary based on the type of piano you have.  Look up your specific piano or contact Strong College Students for more detailed moving instructions.
If this sounds like a lot of work, just call Strong College Students, don’t forget that we also have climate controlled piano storage services available.  Our professional movers have the expertise to efficiently and safely ensure that your belongings get to their destination.


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