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6 Things Your Moving Company Wants You to Know

Hiring a moving company can be stressful but not as stressful as doing it yourself.Moving Company Tips

It’s no wonder most people eventually decide to ditch the DIY approach and hire professionals.

Moving day will go much smoother if you know what to expect from your professional movers. Hiring moving services aliso viejo you’ll be sure to have the best moving experts.

We have put together a list of things you will need to know for the big day.

1. Research Your Moving Company!

This is a very important step that is often over looked. You are trusting your entire life to the hands of strangers, so there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile and thoroughly researching the moving company you plan to hire.

Price isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned with. You should feel comfortable with the people you hire. Every company is going to try and make the best first impression possible, especially over the phone.

Perhaps you should take the extra time and meet them in person prior to hiring them. You want to find a company that will have your best interest at heart and take the time to do the job right.

2. Be Prepared Before They Show Up.

If you decide to pack your belongings your self you will want to make sure everything is ready to go out the door prior to them showing up. Plan your day out so it can go as smoothly as possible.

There are many things to consider prior to the move. Do you need to reserve your building’s elevator? Will the truck be parking on a busy street? If you live in an apartment complex make sure you know the rules. Are there specific hours for moving?

Do you have large or heavy items such as a washer, dryer, or a piano? These items might require extra help or special moving equipment. Let your movers know ahead of time so they can be prepared.

3. Label Everything.

It is essential for you stay organized during your move and your professional movers will thank you, and if you’re near Houston or Washington using professionals as movers houston could be really your best option for moving. Label your boxes by appropriate room. If  the box of items goes in the living room then label it as such.

Your movers won’t know specific names such as “Timmy’s Room”. Save everyone time and use generic terms or inform your movers prior to the move. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out what box goes where.

4. What Items Are of Value?

Your movers have no way of knowing what’s valuable, especially if it’s already packed in a box.  They don’t know that the green vases cost you $1,500, or that your grandma’s ashes are in that gold trimmed box, or the retail value of your surround sound stereo system.

Let them know beforehand what items they should keep a careful eye on.
The best way to deal with damage is to avoid it.

5. Stay Out of the Way!

You might think you’re helping when you start grabbing boxes and taking them to the moving truck, but you’re not. The moving company you hire are professionals and they most likely have a proven system that works efficiently.

So stay out of the way and let them work. You are better off directing the movers to the right rooms or reassembling furniture in your new home.

Not only can an eager homeowner slow down efforts, but he or she can also be an insurance liability.

6. If You Are Able, Leave a Tip!

This is not just a standard for your waiter or waitress. The moving business is a service industry and it is totally appropriate to tip your movers. Just like it is standard to tip 18 – 20% at a restaurant or other service industry, the same goes for moving companies. Think about it, you tip your stylist and your server so why not your movers.