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Movers in St. Petersburg List Best Jobs for Working College Students

College is expensive, and in today’s society, most students have to work while attending school.  Movers in St. Petersburg

Choosing the wrong job to work while in college can sometimes have serious consequences. It can result in lack of focus, a change in priorities, and in some cases, failure to keep up with the workload of college courses.  

We are a company of movers in St. Petersburg, who actively hires college students.

Strong College Students understands that the right job for a college student can make a huge difference in their current situation and their future.  

Here are some of the best companies to work for while attending school.

Our Movers in St. Petersburg Share Best Companies to Work for in College



Starbucks is an amazing company with a lot to offer college students.  If constant access to caffeine for those late-night study sessions isn’t enough to sway the average student, perhaps the part-time employee benefits will.

Starbucks is well known for providing bonuses, dental, and medical coverage, even for part-time employees (depending on the hours they work).  It also provides room for advancement, and employees can make a competitive wage even after college.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another great pick for college students.  Being up to date on the latest technology is a plus for any student, and best buy has a number of part-time jobs.  

The only downside is that retail tends to be demanding, so finding out beforehand if your local store is going to be alright with the time off you’ll need for exams and flexible hours is a must.

American Express

American Express offers great customer service positions that pay a competitive rate, and offer a gateway for college students.  

As a company with unlimited opportunities, American Express is the perfect place to get your foot in the door during college, if you can find the right position that works for your schedule.

Strong College Students

Strong College Students also makes the list of the best companies for the working college student. Strong College Students is a great place for college students to work. 

Not only do we offer part time positions, but we fully understand and appreciate the importance of education- in fact, it was a college student who started the company. The company also focusses on refining student resources—like cfa level 1 study material—so they can excel in entrance and competitive exams. 

We offer flexible hours, and a supportive environment for college students.  Our movers in St. Petersburg and several other locations enjoy a healthy working environment with various levels of opportunity and a built in support system.  

In addition, our unique training is a direct route to success, and we offer unlimited opportunities for employees after college, including franchise ownership.