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Corporate Office Provides One of a Kind Internship Program

Internships can give you the skills you need to succeed after college.  The valuable experience looks great on your resume, and you have career experience when you leave college.  You can also use internships to become exposed to a career path you didn’t know was an option.

Moving Company Offers Best Internships for College Students

At Strong College Students, we have a well-rounded and extensive internship program.  We pride ourselves on offering one of the best internships for college students.  Our unique internship opportunities provide valuable leadership training.  As an internship at Strong College Students, you will learn leadership skills that will apply to every area of your life and career.  We have worked hard to develop a leadership program that encourages advancement and independent, responsible decision making.  

Strong College Students was founded by college students and focuses on employing college students.   This puts us at a unique advantage when it comes to internship training.  We are able to relate to the needs of the motivated college student when it comes to focusing on their studies, and qualified to make sure the training we provide is valuable and will carry them through their career.

We allow our interns to work directly with the executive leaders of our company.  We value our interns, and they have the ability and power to change our company for the better.  While they are working with us, they organize, develop, and create.  Each and every one of our interns leaves a lasting impression.

An internship at Strong College Students is a launching pad for your career.  Within our company, we have career opportunities in sales, management, and even ownership.  If your eventual goal is to work outside of our company, you will have training in your field to bring with you.

Our College Course Credit and Paid Internship Opportunities are offered in multiple fields, allowing you to customize your experience.  You can choose from business administration, business management, leadership, marketing, public relations, network administration, IT, or advertising.  

Our goal at Strong College Students is to create opportunities.  We strive to educate and encourage problem solving skills that will increase independence.  This benefits our interns, and benefits us if you seek career opportunities in our company.  We are always looking for new talent to add to our business development and management staff.  We pride ourselves on having an excellent team behind our growing company.  One of our main resources is our internship program, because we are dedicated to creating never ending opportunity for those who contribute their time to our operation.