Please be sure to read this page in full. This will be the first step of our interview process for the Strong Service Representative position you are seeking. Instead of a face-to-face interview, we would like for you to send us a short video. We can accept this video in a .mp4 or AVI file type, or another unrestricted file type. You could also upload it to ?Youtube and send us the link. We are not too concerned about the quality of the video as long as we can see and hear you. As long as you answer all of the questions, do not fret about the length of the video.

When you are ready to submit your video, send this in to We encourage you to send this in at your earliest convenience, but we will not accept a video after seven days has passed since you received this information.

  1. What’s your favorite class and why? Tell us an experience you had that describes why that was your favorite class. How do you believe that experience reflects on you as a person?
  2. If you had to work in a group on a project pertaining to your major, would you lead the group or do you think you would allow someone else to lead? Consider that this project accounts for 35% of your grade. Please explain why you would take the lead or allow someone else to lead the group.
  3. You and your friends are travelling to a festival with multiple shows occurring at once. Everyone wants to see different performers, but you all need to meet up at a designated time to catch your ride home. How would you ensure that everyone meets up at that time? Oh… by the way, two of your friends had their cell phones die on the way to the concert!
  4. You have a 10 page paper due at the end of the week. You have known about it since you received the syllabus for the course, but have yet to begin. All of your classes have mandatory attendance and you still need to make it to your shifts for the week. What do you do?
  5. We need you to use your imagination in this example. The room you are recording this video in is full of marbles…. you know, small and colorful plastic or glass balls. Your task or challenge is to determine how many marbles it will take to fill up the room you are in. Please provide us with your answer.

If you are not sure how to record and submit your video, please consider the following suggestions.

  • Record your video on your cell phone. Compress the file and send it in an email. You can use Video Compressor by Android Pixels or a similar app to compress the file.
  • Record your video on a desktop and use Youtube, Windows Movie Maker, or any other website/program that will allow you to send us the video as either an attachment to an email or as a link.
  • Try a free online video recording website to record your video, download it, and attach to an email. The Video Booth function of Fotofriend is one example. Clip Champ is another.