Medical (Devices) Equipment Moving Services

Medical Devices Moving ServicesMedical equipment can be an array of things from hospital beds to lab equipment and machinery. We can provide the service needed to move it all. Have contaminated storage that needs to be moved? We will send a decontamination team out to decontaminate the storage container followed by our team of Strong College Student Movers to prep load and deliver to it’s new place of storage. Have a lab full of glass tubes, files and other delicate devices? No problem we can send a team to prep pack and secure all the fragile items so when it comes to moving everything you can be confident it will make it in one piece.

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What is our Medical (Devices) Equipment Moving Services

At Strong College Students, our goal is to provide simplicity for your moving needs. We provide the proper item protection (if needed) along with our moving equipment to properly facilitate the moving of your medical devices and equipment. We will analyze the safest ways to prep and move each item out of or into the locations and the trucks, we will take time to prepare each item by wrapping and protecting them to our best ability to ensure the integrity of the item and the location it is being moved in. Once protected we will then carefully place the item on our equipment to be moved out of the location and loaded into our 26 ft box truck. After loading the equipment and or devices will be blanketed again for additional protection for transit and strapped and secured so the contents will not bounce or move around while being transported.

What are Medical (Devices) Equipment that we can move?

  • Patient Beds

  • Lab Appliances

  • Oxygen Tanks

  • Lab Equipment

  • Fragile Containers & Boxes

  • Wheel Chairs

Where Can we facilitate and complete these moves?

At Strong College Students, we have the ability to provide our service across the entire US and can project manage international requests. The typical locations we provide these services are

  • Medical Offices

  • University Lab Departments

  • Doctors Offices

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Research Labs

  • Commercial Labs

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Storage Warehouses

When Should You Plan Your Medical (Devices) Equipment Move?

At Strong College Students, we recommend to all of our clients to plan and schedule their move 6-8 weeks in advance to give themselves adequate time to prepare the other logistics involved, such as the time to get the devices or equipment decontaminated, time to measure out the new location for the item and if it will fit in the requested area and any other limiting factor that can come up delaying the project.

Why Use Strong College Students to Move your Medical (Devices) Equipment?

SCS_Low_Res-(54-of-113)Medical (Devices) Equipment can be very expensive and delicate items that require a well thought out plan and the appropriate resources and equipment to facilitate. At Strong College Students Moving, “Mover with Knowledge” we approach each project with a problem solving technique. First we identify the areas of concerns Once we have the problem or area of concern identified we then start to formulate solutions on what we can do to prevent the problem or concern from occurring. After we have selected our chosen solution we then meet with our team and the client to explain the method (solution) we will be implementing and why we think it will be the best solution for the given problem (concern). Now that everyone is one the same page we implement our solution and execute our services from start to finish. By taking this approach we can ensure the safe delivery of your Medical (devices) equipment and pride ourselves on being able to provide a service that meets our customers needs but more importantly ensures the integrity of the item you want moved will make it in one piece

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