How we help Government Offices?

Residential MovingStrong College Student Moving has helped thousands of government employees move their offices. Our experience and office moving expertise are just a few of the reasons government agencies choose Strong College Students for their moving needs. We can complete any type of move from one of unique project to multi-year contracts in a variety of departments. There are specialized factors and services needed for different agencies and our team of polite, professionally trained, uniformed student movers can help facilitate the needs of Administrators

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What type of Government moves can we complete?

We can mange both residential moves as well as a variety of commercial moving projects. We understand that the needs of federal, state, county, and municipal government departments and agencies are each different and require a different amount of planning and oversight. Strong College Students is prepared to meet the requirements because our franchise offices also have the support of our national corporate operations team who are comprised of season industry experts. We understand that government needs rage from residential as well as commercial and office moving needs.

Examples of government residential moves we can complete.

  • Project for local Department of Housing
    • Moving tenants to new locations
    • Helping relocate entire developments for renovations
    • Homeless housing program coordination and management
  • Employee Relocation
  • International Relocation
  • Interstate Relocation
  • Storage in transit

Examples of Commercial moves we can facilitate.

  • Entire Agency or Department moves
  • Specialty Equipment Moves
    • Oversized or Specialize transportation
    • Medical Devices
  • Office Moving
    • Under 5 offices
    • 6 to 10 offices
    • 11-20 offices
    • 21 or more offices
  • Facilities Management Moving services
    • We can provide contracting services for move management
    • We can manage unique department request and facilitate all operations
      • Scheduling
      • Pick-up
      • Delivery
      • Project Management

Why Governments Trust Strong College Students Moving?

government office movingOur offices can coordinate for several factors required for Government Agency or Departments. The additional security requirements and insurance requirements are examples of the additional needs for government moves. With our focus on recruiting, hiring, and training, youthful athletically inclined college students from local universities and colleges we provide a energetic and optimistic team environment. Government office employees and administrators enjoy having our teams of polite and professional student movers. Our student moving staff is uniformed and have valid ID’s as well as background checks when required.

As some projects for certain departments require higher security levels Strong College Students is well positioned to not only meet but exceed those tough requirements. For a smooth office move, facility move, or entire department move trust Strong College Students Moving to excel and execute for your department! We use our knowledge and informative approach to make sure our clients are not only aware but well prepared for their upcoming moves allowing departments to get back to the business of helping their stakeholders faster.

How to schedule your Government department of office move.

Office moves are unique and have specific moving requirements. We recommend to work with one of Senior Strong Service Representatives who can pull the resources of the teams required to effectively manage your office move. Starting with a moving estimate is a good way to help our team understand what the overall scope of work is and what steps are need to manage your departments project. We take a listen and learn approach to better understand what our government moving clients needs are.

From there we will organize a plan of action to complete the moving task. At times we understand that some moving quotes will require a bid and or require additional documentation or the completion of unique project related estimating and quoting projections. Regardless of the paperwork or additional steps we can work to meet the requirements and have season trained experts available to help oversee more complex moving projects.

If your government agency or department has a project that requires additional operation management or facilities manage we can also use our technology resources to create custom applications for inventory tracking and management. As well as equipment or vehicle tracing for sensitive shipments that must be monitored at all times.Strong College Students can customize or create unique technical applications to ensure the requirements of agency or departments are meet as required by policy, guidelines, and or applicable laws for states or territories.

1.) Find the location in your region
2.) Complete the Free Quote request or call your local office
3.) Our team will create a plan of action, provide estimates, & schedule your move

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