Chief Operations Officer

Strong College Students Franchising- Tampa, FL

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STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® is a Home & Office Moving Company that employs hard working college students from local colleges and universities. We move businesses and families both locally and long distance and now offer franchises nationwide. Our bright shiny new moving trucks, friendly professionally trained student staff, and focus on helping and impressing clients are changing the way America feels about moving.

As we are now opening offices nationwide our employment demands are shifting.  We’re building the right team to help meet our franchisees, students, and clients needs.  As the demands of client and students change we’re designing our systems and operations to meet those needs and are looking for talented professionals who can help in markets nationwide.  


Our COO will handle the aggressive growth strategy we have designed and will oversee and be responsible for our implementing our multi-unit growth strategies.  This will include development for client acquisition, client retention, as well as client engagement while also overseeing staff development, staff retention, and staff engagement. In addition to develop high-level strategic decisions on growing our company and determining goals, roadmaps and budgets.  You’ll also identify and evaluate other growth opportunities like expansion of new services, increasing existing service offering revenue, developing new collaborations and partnerships. Most importantly you’ll need to cultivate, lead, manage and grow a national team of Strong College Student staff members.  You’ll report directly to our CEO.

Preferred skills:

    • Experience in managing and building up to and over 100,000+ clients
    • Experience with firms opening multi-unit offices
    • 5-7 years experience in consumer internet-related companies
    • Startup experience in pre and post series A stage
    • Fantastic analytical skills: you love KPIs, metrics and success drivers
    • Builder-mentality: You have proven how to set up things from scratch (new teams, new projects, new regions, new markets)
    • Strong network: you have access to a solid network, that provides us great new talents
    • Strong understanding of brand and product management
    • Outstanding communication skills and task or project management skills
    • Very strong ability to quickly analyze and judge data and business processes
    • Great interpersonal skills and exceptional motivational skills
    • Ready to be a Leader & a Mentor
    • Prepared to build mentors and staff focused on helping others and providing value.

What we offer:

    • A youthful & energetic corporate culture
    • Office Flexibility- opportunities to work from any location
    • Discounted/ Sponsored Franchise ownership opportunities
    • A place where creativity & ideas can blossom.  The best ideas are implemented, period.
    • Competitive compensation package (Aggressive base salary including incentives/ bonuses/ commissions + options for equity)
    • Plenty of additional perks (401k, paid holidays, free gym access, and many company events!)

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