Problem Solving as a Habit

Students today struggle to make a habit out of finishing tasks that may not present a sense of urgency or a specific due date. At Strong College Students we teach our staff members the importance or completing a task in its entirety and the value behind it. Even though it is not urgent to complete something our staff learns the value of proactively completing a task. We know that in any career field after college your value will be based upon how much you can complete with how much instructions/specifications giving. Employers look for someone who can tackle tasks in their entirety with minimal instruction. We develop  student leaders who understand how valuable this trait is.

This trait of focused intensity holds a lot of value, that value coming from tasks being completed. Many may not look at this as a big deal but when you’re running a large organization uncompleted tasks become clutter and enough clutter will back up and cause a problem. Problems mean money is being lost out on and no business is going to tolerate that. Therefore problems solved and tasks completed equals success for everyone! Someone who can find what task needs to be complete and then follow through and make sure it gets completed is a leader. We are constantly striving to develop leaders as we know how valuable a great leader is to any organization.
Our staff typically works in teams of 2-3 student movers. On these teams each college student must learn how to lead as well as follow when it comes to completing task on a job. You learn to complete tasks both individually as well as in a team. It teaches the value your actions have on the overall team performance. That is just the entry level position tasks, as we move through the organization students in management positions see this in an even bigger light. We offer college students Jr and upper level management position where they can really learn how to develop themselves into a great leader and an even better person. We teach problem solving and finishing tasks as habits. Developing these habits gives each student a new skill that can translate into any field as all Strong College Students will be moving onto after graduation.
Working with college students as our workforce we have a lot of students coming and going each semester therefore must have a quick and effective way to train them and teach them their job roles to keep running effectively. We continue to teach college students the value of developing into a competent leader and problem solver. We have been doing this for almost 10 years and continue to find new innovative ways to keep college students energized to learn and improve.

Top 30 under 30 awards: 2011 Up & Comers-Shaun C. Robinson

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see Strong College Students Moving as the national/international brand I know it will become with locations across the country and expanding into countries like Canada, England or Australia. I see myself in a role of chairman of the board with a youthful and energetic CEO taking this brand to levels I hadn’t imagined.
What’s the best part of your day? It’s exciting to see our brightly colored trucks on the road because when I do I know there are hardworking college student earning their way through school while providing our clients with fun, enjoyable and memorable moving experiences. We have a chance to help someone new every day. For that reason my job is extremely rewarding!
What was the rock star moment of your career? It’s hard to stop and analyze that right now, I believe our brand is just embarking on developing “rock star status.” I know we have many rock star moments ahead.
What advice would you give to future Up & Comers? You can make any job a job you’ll enjoy and be proud of.
Trust me moving isn’t glamorous or exciting to most. However by developing our brand around values and ideals that were important to me I’ve created a job I enjoy and get excited about.
You have the power to do that in your career as well. It’s your life. Take charge, and make your dreams a reality.
What charity or nonprofit do you support most and why? I proudly support ASAP Homeless Services as president of the board. I believe no one should be homeless or feel helpless, I strive to use my talents and skill set to support, encourage and advocate for homelessness. This is a problem that can be solved with cooperation, a little attention and a lot of compassion and understanding from us all.