Happy New Year & Happy Moving as well!

Happy New Year

It’s a New year so time for a new you! With all of the positive changes you are sure to make in the start of the new year, it’s time for a change of scenery. it’s time for a new home. We’re sure that you gave it 110% in 2017 and now it’s time for you to reap the reward of a new place to call your own in 2018. Whether you’re looking to buy your first house, or move into that condo that catches your eye on your drive home from work. Or maybe moving into an apartment that better suits your needs? You can rely on Strong College Students Moving to help you move into that new dream home, townhome, condo or apartment.

The best time to start looking is NOW take action and explore your options. Looking and learning can help even in you don’t plan of moving for a few months. The more information about the moving process you have the better suited you are to tackle the challenge or gaining success in the search for your new home! There are thousand of new home listings that can fit exactly what you need in a new home. We suggest to contact a local realtor in your community to help you search through all the home inventory.

After you’ve done all the hard work of finding the perfect place, locking in that move in date, and working your tail off to get ready to make the change to a new and improved home. Sit down and take a load off, and let us do the heavy lifting to get you moved into your new place. Even if you don’t have everything good to go at the moment, don’t worry! We’ll be here all year to help with your moving needs! With all that in mind, we ask that you be smart, be safe, and start off the new year focused on attaining your dream home! Well be here ready to help you with the moving needs as well as more motivation and inspiration. We’re more than movers, remember when you choose Strong College Students Moving you’re helping hardworking college students earn their way through school while also receiving a good dependable service at a fair price! When it comes to moving companies we are the best around!

Help a student graduate and choose Strong College Students Moving for your home moving or office moving needs today!

Top tIps to help you:

1. Start researching what you want in a new home before you worry about the details of moving.

2. Explore the ideal area you would like to move into and learn about schools, shopping, entertainment, parks and recreation. Gain a better understanding of the neighborhood.

3. Find comparable areas at least 1 other preferably 2-3 and see what the housing cost differences are and the commute differences are. You may find that moving to an area a little closer cost more but save you time each day so you can enjoy more time with friends and family.

4. Work with a realtor regardless of if you are selling a home, buying a home, or moving into a new apartment. Realtors can help you navigate the inventory in your area and make the moving process smooth and easy.

5. Once you’ve decided on the best home choice let Strong College Students Moving know about your moving plans 3-6 weeks in advance so we can make sure you get the day you want. In addition you will have ample time to organize and get ready for your move. Don’t forget we can help with more than moving such as moving boxes and supplies, packing of your contents for freight shipping, junk removal and organization, clutter removal and home staging, as well as moving and storage.

Professional Packing Services Made Easy

Do you hate packing? Ever thought of using professional packing services?Packing Services

It never fails, you almost always under estimate the size of your upcoming move and you never do check out international fine art moving companies. It seems you never realize how much you actually own until you decide to pack it all up.  

Lets face it, you start out with the best intentions. You start organizing early and boxing things up one room at a time. 

Then, by the time you have packed a few boxes, you just want to throw everything together and get it done as fast as possible.  

The fact is the stress of moving involves much more than packing.  The dreaded “unpacking process” can take anywhere from weeks to months. 

Having your possessions prioritized ahead of time can make this process efficient, clean, and simple.  

Why Choose Professional Packing Services for Your Next Move?

There are many reasons people choose to hire a professional packer when it is time to move.  Some people are physically limited or unable to pack their belongings themselves. Others just do not have time to devote to the move. 

Hiring professional packers dramatically reduce the time it takes to pack your home and belongings, depending on how many possessions are being packed.  

If you need to move quickly, professional packing services are the way to go!  The most common and basic need for a professional packer is the need for an organized and speedy unpacking process.  

The first step to starting your packing process is to contact Strong College Students about their full service packing.

They will speak to you about pricing, time estimation, and what supplies will be needed.  After you have agreed to have your possessions professionally packed, the process will begin.

When you hire a professional packer, they will first assess and prioritize your move, checking details to make sure that they have a plan of action.  

They will list your items that need to be relocated, and make notes on items that require special care.  

At Strong College Students, our packers are experienced and knowledgeable. They will ensure that your valued possessions are handled appropriately.

When the packing starts, all large furniture is taken apart, wrapped as necessary, and set up for easy loading.

Pictures and art are also wrapped according to instruction, and carpets or rugs are rolled and staged for loading as well.  It is good to have everything properly packed as noone wants to get a teared off rug as a reminder of the previous move.  Although it could be a good reason to check out and buy designer rugs at nwrugs.com/collections/magnolia-home-rugs-joanna-gaines.

The rest of your possessions are packed carefully into boxes, organized in a way that makes the unpacking process much easier and faster.

The boxes are labeled by room, and also include specific instructions for the movers if there is special care needed.

In most cases, using packing services means you receive a discount on packing materials and boxes.  

Hiring a professional packing service saves you time and stress in the moving process.  In order to assess your move and find out more about how these services can benefit your specific situation, contact Strong College Students.

DIY experts call professional movers


Anne is a do-it-yourselfer and design guru; her blog, DesignDreamsByAnne.blogspot.ca, is a record of the hundreds of home improvement projects she has worked on since purchasing her 1930s fixer-upper home. Anne has great advice for DIY decor, gardening, painting tips and furniture arrangement. But after moving 32 times, help with moving is one of those things even Anne suggests outsourcing to the professionals, professionals like Strong College Students.  We hope the information Anne provides in the link to her website helps with you home or office moving needs.  We’re eager to have our student movers execute at a high level for your upcoming move.

In her blog article “How to move without losing your mind,” Anne covers her top 10 tips for achieving just that! Number one on the list is to hire a reputable mover and we couldn’t agree more!  Strong College Students was designed as a resource for your home moving and or office moving needs, feel free to contact us during your next move, we can help you find the best moving company!

1 – Hire a reputable mover such as Strong College Students. Yes, you can get cheaper rates from budget movers, but more professional companies actually train their employees on how to pack a truck efficiently and correctly so that your things aren’t smashed to smithereens when they get to your new home. Get references from friends, family or co-workers. You will not want to deal with claims and broken items when you’re dealing with the stress of settling in. Oh and budget movers may NOT process your moving claims with ease or even at all…

2 – Invest in real moving boxes, Strong College Students has an assortment of  low cost moving boxes for upcoming move.   Anne expressed that “liquor store boxes are great for glasses and vases, but the big boxes actually take less time to pack and unpack. They’re fabulous for linens, pillows, clothes and bulky items. Wardrobe boxes are fabulous. They will make your life so much easier”.  To make things easier our moving company provides FREE wardrobe boxes on your moving day this is helpful because as Anne explains “You can pack all the closets up immediately and have easy access to your clothes before AND after your move.” Anne also states that you should “Get the movers picture boxes and separate your pictures with cardboard. The frames will rub against each other during the move and get scratched up if you don’t. Use big boxes for your lampshades, too. You don’t want them to be dented and crushed. If you want to save money, check Craig’s List – lots of folks give the boxes away after they’ve moved”.

3 – Pack your boxes according to room. Put all your master bedroom stuff together, all the kitchen stuff together, all the bathroom stuff – ok you get the picture.

For the rest of the story, check out the full article.

Packing your pots and pans before moving

 Moving is an activity that most people despise and dislike which is most likely the reason you are on our website. Packing is also another task that most who are familiar with moving seem to avoid or put off to the last minute. When packing your kitchen you are going to have to pack your pots and pans. Packing is easier if you have the right materials before hand. When you begin packing your kitchen it’s best to have the following:

Medium-sized, sturdy moving boxes.
Packing paper, kraft paper, or you can be green and use old newspaper
Packing Tape
Black Sharpie

Before packing you boxes it’s a good idea to make sure they are ready to carry the items you are about to place in them. Make sure you tape the seems of the boxes with a little reinforcement especially since pot and pans in a box can begin to add up weight wise in a hurry.

Take your paper and crumple it up into loose spheres. If you pack it too tight you may exhaust you paper supply and reduce the shock absorbency. After creating your paper spheres place them in the bottom of your boxes to provide a layer of cushion on the bottom.

Next you want to group all pots and pans together with their lids so you don’t have to search for them when you begin unpacking. It’s best to place smaller pots inside of larger pots. Before placing the smaller pots inside of larger pots be sure to place a few sheets of paper inside to keep them from rattling or clinging against each other. Follow this method to place your pots and pans inside of your box leaving enough space for the lids. Once your ready to pack you lids I go ahead and wrap them in paper and place them in the remaining space. Continue this method until you have packed all of you pots and pans.

After you have packed all your boxes use you sharpie to label them “Kitchen” and if you prefer you can also add a sub label like “pots and pans” “utensils” or “spices”. Make sure to label them on multiple sides and large lettering so you can see the labels from a far and without having to move the box.